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Cell Phone Photography!

Posted by on March 18, 2012

Think of the last time you were out and about, and witnessed something you wanted to grab a picture of.

What was the first thing you grabbed?

I bet for a lot of people they took to their phones.

Cell phone photography has been on the rise in recent years as the smartphones have come out, and the convenience of a camera on the go was available.

Not only that but there have been some pretty amazing apps that have come out in the process (which I’ll be talking about some of my favorite Android Phone Apps next week!)

How often do you use your cell phone?  Do you have a favorite photo you’d like to share?  If so, please email me the photo to:

Whatever gets sent, I’d love to do a tribute post of you guys showing your best cell phone photography.

And, since it’s only fair I’ll show you some of mine right now:

Easy when out and about on a trip.  You grab your camera and instant upload to facebook or twitter or even your blog to share with friends and your fellow readers!

Great for when you’re out and about around town during that beautiful sunset moment =)

Or even when it comes time for showing off new haircuts 😉 Dorks, I know!

Somethings just look better coming from a cell phone~  😉 Sunset Blvd.

And sidewalk art always looks awesome with a cell phone.  Makes for some truly great captures!  =)

And sometimes its just fun to pull out when you get bored… 😉 Animals make for some good subjects.

And sometimes just the challenge of photographing with a cell phone and nothing else makes you think in an entirely new way altogether.

I hope you all enjoyed, and please email me at

I’d love to showcase your photos.  Please let me your name, and a brief description as to where the photo was taken when you send it my way.  Lets have fun with this =)

Next week I’ll be talking about my favorite Android Cell Phone Apps =)


17 Responses to Cell Phone Photography!

  1. Marie Noelle Marinea (@n0ellee)

    I can’t believe these are cell phone photographies! My cell phone can’t do that, I’m sure 🙁

  2. Dr. G

    I like my phone best for those shots that would disappear if I run for the camera. Usually involving my kids!

  3. Candi Elm (@candilandco)

    I can’t wait till your post on android apps, I don’t have any and not sure what to do. I want to work on my photography skills.

  4. Lindsey Duncan Renuard

    Great shots! Some of my favorite shots have been on a cell phone. I’ll send you one!

  5. Trina

    I’ll be interested in your Android cell phone apps. I recently switched from iPhone and haven’t had the time to dive in.

  6. Alexis Grace

    Fun!!!! My fav android app is vignette. Sending you a photo now!

  7. Sara

    Good shots! I love to pick my cell phone and shoot photos, especially when my 2-year-old cousin does something funny! 🙂

  8. Cricket of Tripping Tuesdays

    I enjoyed your pics from your cell phone. I always take pics with mine too, but none of them are as great as yours. I wish I had the ability to edit mine on the spot, but I actually have to transfer them to my computer first.

  9. Alexandria

    I’m looking forward to your fav droid camera apps. I have an HTC 3D & I was just thinking yesterday tat the standard camera app kind of sucks. I have Vignette which I love but want some other options too.

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