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My New Love of Hats!

Posted by on May 28, 2012

Want in on a secret? I use to hate wearing hats.  I’d never wear them in Minnesota.  I thought I looked horrible in them…..

until I got to California… all of a sudden, it became an obsession…. sooo, here are some pics below…. what are your thoughts?

The hat obsession started with my SO.  He wore them all the time.  I took his hat home with me, and since then I learned that I didn’t look half bad in hats.  I took his everyday guy hat, added a flower, and made it work for me:

This was the hat that turned me into a believer.  But when I got to California I began to notice all the different styles of hats in stores.  I especially loved looking for the homemade hats in the boutique stores around the beach… Here were some of my finds:

I also happen to have a similar hat to the green one above.  I couldn’t decide between this and a blue and red, so what did I do? I got both 😉

And of course, we can’t forget about the hat for when I go home during the winter 😉

Photo Credit: David Smith, he was my lovely photographer for the evening.  I thank him a millions!

So what’s the verdict? Do hats work on me? Do you have a favorite?  And if you know of any amazing hat vendors please let me know so I can check them out especially if they’re in California!

7 Responses to My New Love of Hats!

  1. Amanda

    I do love hats unfortunately my head is too large apparently to fit in most f the regular hats and then make me look even bigger headed! 🙁
    Amanda recently posted..Vampires, Cleaning, and Organizing; Oh My!

  2. Mary

    I love the newsboy/conductor hats on you! the ones you have on in the red blouse are cute, too!!! We should hat shop together, maybe you can help me find some I actually like;-)
    Mary recently posted..5 Things I Am Proud Of!

    • Jamie

      Yesss! Would love to do some hat shopping… any fun cute boutique towns.. yes please!

  3. Lisa D.B. Taylor

    I love hats but I never wear them. *Except* for visors at baseball/soccer games (really 🙂
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..Hither, Thither, & Yon

    • Jamie

      See, and baseball hats were always the reason I thought I looked horrible in hats 😉 LOL

  4. Alexis Grace

    I love a good hat! And they do work for you! I recommend a straw hat witha wider brim for summer…. something like this: or this:
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Elle UK Surprises

    • Jamie

      i’ve always been hesitant about the straw hats but I may have to try a few on to see if they work =)

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