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The BiAnnual Blogathon Mini Challenge: Finding Blogger Support #blogathon2

Posted by on June 19, 2012

This weekend I’m participating in the Biannual Blogathon Bash which is a twice yearly blogging marathon bash.  This is part of the mini-challenges they have available to work on for the weekend June 22-25th.  Anyone can partake, but entering the bash means more opportunities to win prizes.

The blogathon takes place from June 22nd through June 25th.  If you are apart of the bash please do not participate until the blogathon begins on June 22nd.  Also, don’t forget to follow along on twitter #blogathon2

Where Do You Find Blogger Support?

I know blogging can feel pretty overwhelming at times, how do you find the time to write? How do you come up with content to write, and last but not least, how do you find answers to the questions you have when it comes to blogging?

This is why it’s so important to know where to go for blogger support.  I have been very fortunate in my short blogging life to find incredible support from a variety of women and organizations, and now I want to share some of these strategies with you.

1) The SITS Girls

 First off, I absolutely love this site.  This is information central for all of your blogging needs.  They have discussions forums in which other bloggers sound off on important topics to them, they feature bloggers Monday through Friday in which you can meet and interact with other bloggers, and one day, have a featured day yourself.  The thing is, it brings bloggers together, and therefore, brings on a ton of support in the process.

2) Join a Collective

There are some pretty amazing blog networks and collectives out there.  Through these collectives they offer a variety of support for bloggers, and also amazing opportunities that come your way.

a) The Clever Girls Collective

They are amazing, but with this collective you have to apply, and this means, being a solid blogger for at least 6 months or more.  But once you apply weekly opportunities come your way for being a blogger, and you then apply for these opportunities.  From what I have seen, these ladies have done some pretty amazing work.


SheSpeaks is a community that inspires women to share, discover, and interact with new products.  You can share what you know, what you’ve tried, and there are different opportunities and campaigns that come out that you can periodically be apart of.

c) Mom Groups

There are a variety of different mom networks around the blogosphere.  Do your research, and find a couple.  I’d give off some names, however, I am not actually a mom myself 😉

d) Latina Lifestyle Bloggers

If you’re latina, a great resource is the Latina Lifestyle Collective.  For more information please make sure to check out their website here

3) Join a local blogging community

I’ve been very fortunate in my blogging life to run across SoCal Lady Bloggers!  This is a community based out of Southern California that has brought almost 200 women bloggers together.  We are supportive of one another, and this is a good place to go if you have a blogging question or concern or even an opportunity you’d like to promote with others.  Do you know if your community has a local blogging group?  If so, it’s a great place to start in finding support.

4) Club-Content

 I absolutely love Club-Content!  Club-Content is a community of bloggers that helps to achieve better content within your blog, and it helps to network you with other bloggers.  For a small annual fee you can participate in different challenges where others will critique your content in an anonymous way.  A great way to evaluate your blog and push yourself to keep writing better content.

5) Facebook Groups

By being apart of different facebook groups it helps to get your blog name out there, and you create a support system around your blog.  I have joined a few groups where we commit to reading each other’s blogs, sharing each other’s content, and commenting with each other.  It is a huge support system, and you run across new blogs all the time, but you also get to know each other.

So, My Mini-Challenge to you for this lovely BiAnnual Blogathon is this:

1) Join a new community you haven’t joined before

2) Apply for a new Blogging Network or Collective

3) Find your local blogging group, or CREATE one of your own.


Leave me a comment below showcasing what you have done, or leave some suggestions in how you have found blogging support of your own.

Happy Blogathon! =)

67 Responses to The BiAnnual Blogathon Mini Challenge: Finding Blogger Support #blogathon2

  1. Erin

    Would you be at all interested in having a girls blogathon at my house? Bring your laptops and whatever else you need and we could blog away on either Sat. or Sun for this? hehehe 😉 Thought that could be fun. We could all get tons done off of our “to-do” lists!!
    Erin recently posted..Day 20- Present

  2. Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey

    This sounds like lot of fun….unfortunately this weekend and next week I so hectic in my house…we have homecoming, grad, catering event, birthday cake order….let me tell you…I’d rather be blogging, lol 🙂
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Stuffed Crescent Rolls

  3. Jennifer

    Sounds like fun Jaime, I love blogging. Thanks for all of these great resources, I’m going to check them out. I’ve heard from several people that SITS is a great community but have never had time to really check their site out. Putting that on my “to do” list now. Hav fun at the blogathon!
    Jennifer recently posted..What if Your Online Business Cost $170,000?

  4. Moira Hutchison

    Thanks for this great post! I really appreciate all of these resources ;).
    Moira Hutchison recently posted..Find Freedom – Do What Feels Good!

  5. Martha Giffen

    Great list of resources! I love blogging and in more than my fair share of groups. That’s what it’s all about. The connections 🙂
    Martha Giffen recently posted..You Can Do Anything If You Just Do It!

  6. Helena

    These are great resources Jamie! I’ll definitely be checking some of them out over the weekend. Good luck with your blogathon!
    Helena recently posted..Make a Great First Impression and Boost Your Self-Confidence

  7. Kristi

    Thanks for sharing some great resources and for visiting my blog today!
    Kristi recently posted..SITS DAY!

  8. Lisa D.B. Taylor

    Great post! I’ve just recently heard of a couple of these – it’s nice to hear more from someone who knows!
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..Baseball, Twilight, & Lack of Lesbians

  9. Alexis Grace

    I have just recently joined another group and I love the opportunity to read new blogs and see what is out there and what to develop new relationships.
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Vena Cava Resort 2013 Collection

  10. Nisha

    Great resources. I’m going to check them out now. Love the idea of a local blogging group!

  11. Ann Odle

    Hi! Just recently joined the SoCalLadyBloggers with you; I’ve been visiting SITS pretty regularly too. I’m definitely ramping up my blogging skills, thanks to events like this & meeting bloggers like you & everyone else. I’ve heard of the Clever Girls Collective–so I’ll be going to check them out now……
    Ann Odle recently posted..Biannual Blogathon Bash–My To-Do List

    • Jamie

      Thanks for stopping by Ann =) I’m glad you found the article enjoyable and look forward to connecting further this weekend with the blogathon =)

  12. Amanda @ Letters Inside Out

    Great post!

    I’ve joined or applied to each of the sites you listed that were applicable to me! (The SITS Girls, Clever Girls Collective, and She Speaks)

    I also joined a FB group for book bloggers.

    As for local groups, I am actually already in a group! But I could stand to be more active, so I’m going to work on that. 🙂
    Amanda @ Letters Inside Out recently posted..Biannual Blogathon Bash: Goals #blogathon2

    • Jamie

      Great to here Amanda =) And thanks for participating… I’m just getting started over here now!

  13. Liviania

    I joined the SITS girls. I looked at some collectives, but I’m not sure they’re for me.

    I am already a member of a local group – Literary Lonestars!
    Liviania recently posted..Biannual Blogathon Bash Kick Off Post

    • Jamie

      I have a few book suggestions for you, btw 😉 I’ll make sure to send an email your way sometime this weekend =)

  14. Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

    Great ideas!. Thanks for taking the time to help us/me! I am relatively new (<4months) to blogging so need all the help I can get.
    Happy Blogathon!!
    Patricia, Sugar & Spice & All Things ? Nice

    • Jamie

      Welcome to the blogging world =) If you ever any questions do not hesitate to ask!

  15. Adelina Priddis

    Thank you for all the resources! I’ve been a part of a couple different facebook groups and they have been very beneficial. I just applied to Clever Girls and joined She Speaks
    Adelina Priddis recently posted..Rebekah Grace The Practically Perfect Princess {Book Review}

    • Jamie

      The facebook groups are pretty amazing =) Questions are easily answered, and some things are talked about that you might not have ever thought about before.

  16. Christine Tolhurst

    I belong to so many places, most of which are already on your list, but I wanted to add some to complete the challenege and hopefully help others!

    There is a forum community called Cafemom and there are several blog groups on there, just join and look up “blogs” or “blogging” under groups. They are often not very active but I have learned some things and gotten some awesome support.

    Also, Moms do it better is another great blogging site for moms. There are often exclusive review opps on there as well as support from other bloggers.
    Christine Tolhurst recently posted..Fake Food Japan review and Giveaway!

    • Jamie

      Thanks for also sharing your tips Christine =) it’s definitely great to be apart of other blogger groups, lots of information is shared, and it creates a community, and future friendships =)

  17. miki

    thanks you a lot for these ressources and info, i’ve joined sit girl ( need to add the badge) but i still haven’t found a collective that is good for me
    as for number 3; my role playing club has opened a small group of discussion so we can exhange tips and experience about our blog

    so challenge completed?

    • Jamie

      Challenge completed for you =)

      What is your blogging niche?

  18. miki

    book reviews ( no commercial blog)

  19. Shai Smith

    I just joined the SITS girls, but honestly, I don’t know if I can handle anymore networking! I’m a part of Green Mom’s Media, and the networking I do there keeps me pretty busy. I love, love, LOVE the support we have going on over there. ♥ I found them totally by accident – browsing other blogs and networking (like a good blogger!), and clicked on a button that took me to a site, that took me to an awesome Facebook group! A few months later, I’m guestposting and helping out ladies who I look forward to talking to almost daily!

    The best advice I can give is to network – get out there and look at other blogs. Comment, ask questions, offer help – you will either wind up finding a group to fit into or forming friendships to turn into your own group! ♥
    Shai Smith recently posted..SBC 23: Favorite Blog Post and Week Wrap-Up!

    • Jamie

      Great info Shai! And that’s another huge part, network, and find your group of bloggers that become your support system =)

  20. Jackie

    I got busy with this one and found my local blogging community/group Vancouver Blogger Meetup Group which also covers us in the suburbs. So I joined but I’ll have to go back and really go through all they have – they have a lot of info there! But so far I like what I see.
    I also joined Reliable Blogger and 5 minutes for Mom. I also have previously joined a couple of FB groups that seem to have a lot of people in them that share opportunities and information with each other.

    I hope all this counts for the mini-challenge!
    Jackie recently posted..Ready… Set… Go!!! A New Blog is Born

    • Jamie

      It definitely does Jackie, and I’m really excited you found a local blogger group to connect with =) networking in person can be a ton of fun although overwhelming at times.

  21. Tazim

    I’ve joined several on your list – like the clever girls collective and SITS, but I have most been enjoying the groups I’ve joined on facebook.
    Tazim recently posted..Summer Sizzle #Giveaway Hop — DK Canada Summer Books Prize Package Canada Only $53

  22. Karri Reiser

    I belong to SITS already so I signed up for SheSpeaks. I checked out Club-Content and really like it. When I have some extra cash I will probably join. I also searched Google for blogging communities in my area. The only one I found only takes blog that actually blog about the area so I’m not sure if mine fit yet. On Facebook I belong to the Catholic Bloggers Network and Bloggers Unite.
    Thanks for the challenge.
    Karri Reiser recently posted..Our Favorite Things Link Party #3

  23. Monica

    Lots of great resources, I’ve bookmarked this page for a quick reference. I just very recently joined SheSpeaks, haven’t been on the site a lot but will now definitely investigate further. Thanks so much!
    Monica recently posted..My Baby Compass – Birth to Two Years {Review & Giveaway}

  24. Sage

    1) I joined The SITS Girls

    2) I also joined

    3) So far, I haven’t found any local blogging groups but I am thinking about creating a Bloggers Meetup Event for my area!

    Yay, thanks for all of the info 🙂

  25. Jen

    Thanks for the great information. This is something that I am always trying to work on, but it’s sometimes hard to find effective groups.
    So, I have done the following:
    1) already a member of SITS
    2) Joined
    3) always joining new facebook groups either for giveaways or supports… blogelina is a great support too!
    Jen recently posted..Making a Photo Collage Challenge: Biannual Blogathon Bash

  26. Donna Brown

    Thank you so much for this great post and all this great links. I was already aware of SITS and Clever Girls but I joined She Speaks and Club Content.

    Thanks again!
    Donna Brown recently posted..Biannual Blogathon Bash #blogathon2 – Update

  27. Ellen Christian

    I already belong to the ones that you mention but we recently formed a New England bloggers group & had our first networking meeting on Saturday. It was so much fun!
    Ellen Christian recently posted..Gluten free recipe – California Grape spread with cream cheese & nuts

    • Jamie

      It’s great being able to meet bloggers in person especially at fun events that happen around town =) Hopefully you will have more outings in the future =)

  28. Melissa Lawler

    There are 3 of us in South Dakota.

    Clever Girls turned me down.

    I am checking out the SITS Girls!
    Melissa Lawler recently posted..An Open Letter to Dottie Sandusky

    • Jamie

      I’m glad you were able to find two other South Dakota Bloggers! And I’m sorry to hear about the Clever Girls! When I initially applied a few months ago I was also turned down, try reppying again in a couple of months.

      And I think you’ll love the SITs Girls =) It’s a great resource

  29. Leila

    I joined Clever Girls on Friday and was accepted!!! Thank you!!!
    Leila recently posted..Rachel’s Bake Shop (Arizona)

    • Jamie

      Congrats Leila! I think you’ll truly love working with Clever Girls =)

  30. Kelly Stilwell

    I joined the SITS girls, Clever Girls, She Speaks, and I’ll admit-I almost didn’t do it, but I found a local blogger! I didn’t find a group, but I did search! However, I’m excited about the local blogger. I did reach out, so hopefully we will be able to connect. THANK YOU!

    • Jamie

      It’s pretty neat when you can find local bloggers within your area =) Hopefully you two can coordinate a time to get together and meet!

  31. Melissa Say What?

    I met several fellow Atlantans during the Blogathon Bash Twitter Party. With your post and that combined, I was inspired to create a Georgia Bloggers map! Once it grows, I hope to turn it into a group, a meet-up or even a local blogger convention one day!
    Melissa Say What? recently posted..Applegate Farms Hits Atlanta Stores

    • Jamie

      That would be awesome if you guys started a group down the road =) It’s become such a great resource for ourselves out here!

  32. Kecia

    Your mini-challenge gave me the idea to search for Atlanta blogger groups or collectives, and a found a couple! I also joined a new FB group for bloggers. Thanks!
    Kecia recently posted..Sawyer’s First Haircut

  33. Cheryl

    I am a member of SheSpeaks, it’s a great community! I have applied for Clever Girls in the past but was denied. I will try to sign up for them again. I also signed up for SITS and Club Content. I hope I get in! Thanks for all of the great info!

    • Jamie

      Glad to hear Cheryl =)

      That’s the downfall about SITS Girls sometimes and they definitely don’t allow everyone in 🙁 and SheSpeaks is a fun little community, isn’t it? =)

  34. Meagan P - Sunshine and Sippy Cups

    I’m already a member of most of these networks – except for the Latina Bloggers group {because I wouldn’t be a good fit, lol} and Club Content – which I’m considering joining, just not sure about the fee?

    But – I DID finally start my own group on FB, which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time, so that I can help out newer bloggers, and learn from other more experienced ones. I can’t wait to start inviting more people into my new group!! 🙂
    Meagan P – Sunshine and Sippy Cups recently posted..Get some wind in your sails…

    • Jamie

      Pretty awesome you started your own group =) I know you’d be a GREAT resource for a lot of bloggers out there.

  35. kimberly @ Here's What I Think

    Thanks for this great post and challenge. I have been a member of SITS for just a few months. I was not familiar with the Collectives SheSpeaks and The Clever Girls Collective. I was brave and applied to both. Aother type of group that may be similar is BlogHer. They have a pretty large base and two national conferences each year.
    kimberly @ Here’s What I Think recently posted..NOT just a Bloggy Blog Post

    • Jamie

      yes, blogher is another great resource =) And their conference is on my wish list for the future.

  36. Elizabeth Towns

    I joined two new groups, and am a member of SITS. I also joined a new FB group which has been awesome already. I really do need to network and have a more extensive group of fellow bloggers. I am going to join Clever Girls as well as soon as I can get a chance. I recently met a few bloggers from Columbus at a local event, so making contact with them is my next step.

  37. Kat B.

    I am in several Facebook groups and we try to help each other out. I have applied twice for Clever Girls but I keep getting denied 🙁 I do use Mom Bloggers Club and Social Fabric though. I love SheSpeaks! People are so kind on there!
    Kat B. recently posted..Summer Biannual Blogathon Bash Wrap Up

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