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DownEast Basics! #spon

Posted by on July 31, 2012

Last week I was invited out to DownEast Basics at the Irvine Spectrum for a night of shopping, browsing, and fun with other bloggers.  I had only heard of DownEast Basics one other time, so when the opportunity arose I couldn’t wait to see what they were all about.

And let me tell you, DownEast Basics was my kind of store.  A woman’s clothing store that has a very distinct style to their products.  I also have a very distinct style when it comes to the clothing I pick out, and I coin it with the term “Jamie Style.”  In order for me to purchase an outfit I must get a good vibe, and it must have the Jamie seal of approval.

It was a very good thing that my biggest dilemma that night was deciding what to bring home because I had far too many options to choose from.  DownEast Basics at the Irvine Spectrum is the only location in the Southern California region, and anytime I’m at the Spectrum I’ll definitely be stopping into this fun store.  DownEast Basics also have locations in Washington, Utah, Nevada, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, and Arizona.

Because it was summer they had some pretty adorable beach bags floating around the store, and let me tell you, I’m absolutely in love with this orange one above.  I checked the price, and they were pretty reasonable at less than 20 dollars.

DownEast Basics also has a pretty adorable girl’s line.  The store was covered in skirts, and summery swimsuits.  Although I don’t have a little girl I’d be pretty happy with the clothing found here.

Keep an eye out for sales that DownEast Basics holds.  The day we were in, all jeans were 40% off, and if you checked the clearance section you could find some jeans for 20 dollars.  They also had a clearance section full of skirts and shirts to browse through.  Some others walked out with skirts as low as 7 dollars apiece.

That evening I decided on one top, a necklace I absolutely loved, and an undershirt.

The shirt above has complete “Jamie Style” written all over it, and it’s what I came home with.

For those that aren’t on the west coast have no fear you can purchase clothing online via the DownEast Basics website.  

Disclosure: DownEast Basics provided me with a 25 dollar gift card, but from here on out, it’s a store I’ll be shopping out.



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