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A truly #pricelessla experience at the #GRAMMYs

Posted by on February 12, 2013

This past weekend was the annual GRAMMY awards.  For years I’d been watching this awards show cheering on my favorite artists, watching the stellar performances, and admiring the glitz and glamor that happens during the red carpet from the celebrities to their amazing dresses and sometimes not so amazing dresses.

So you can imagine my surprise when I was invited out to be apart of it through Mastercard’s #PricelessLA experience program.  Mastercard launched a new program within the past few months that brings their card users the ability to partake in amazing experiences within their city.  Cities such as Chicago, New York and Los Angeles.  And no matter your passions, there’s a little something for everyone whether you’re a foodie, sports fanatic, art collector, or movie fanatic, they capture those priceless moments giving you even more reason to #lovethiscity.

So Sunday morning, I got up pretty early to begin getting ready for the amazing day ahead of me:


This was me working on the hair and the makeup.  The dress was already on which was a pretty black high low dress with a sequin top that sparkled.

My friend Raquel from Organized Island then made her way to my place and we drove down to the Staples Center.


This was us before the big event at our parking spot.  We then got out, and waited in line before being let into the Red Carpet at the GRAMMYs.  We had to be wanded down then we were led to a bleachers area at the very end of the Red Carpet, but let me tell you, it was the best place to be because all of the CELEBRITIES walking the red carpet passed us on their way to the GRAMMYs.

And I just want to share some memorable moments during the Red Carpet:

1) Mumford and Sons.

From the moment I saw them, I was escatic.  If you couldn’t tell I am a huge Mumford and Sons fan, and love their music.  This was the first major celebrity that crossed our path on the Red Carpet.

2) Make a Wish

The Make a Wish foundation was also present in our bleacher area.  4 children wished to attend the GRAMMYs, and boy, did they receive STAR treatment.  They had their cameras, and all the celebrities were asked to come over, chat with them, and sign autographs.  Yes, so you know what that meant?  Seeing their personalities shine, and only a few feet in front of us.

3) Pauly Paurette

Although I wasn’t too familiar with who Pauly Paurette was prior to Sunday, she surely made an impression on me by her interaction with us at the Red Carpet.  She came over on her own accord asking “what all this was,” and then hyped us up.  She was adorable, and such a vibrant personality.

4) The Photographers

A few feet away were where all the photographers were working.  Meaning when a big name celebrity crossed their path to pose for pictures we could see their flashes go off, hear them call out to the celebrities and direct them how to pose.  Being a photographer myself, it was pretty amazing to watch in front of me.  And it was also very amusing.


The TVGN was right beside with their live video feed.  They were have the camera crew zoom in on us and have us yell, and scream, and talk about us as they went live on air during the Red Carpet.

6) Justin Timberlake

We first noticed JT when he was posing for his pictures, but what struck us the most were his shoes.  Yes guys, his shoes.  They were black with white on top, but pretty incredible, but when he came over to sign autographs for the Make a Wish foundation was when his personality truly came through, laughing with us, interacting with us, and OMG, those piercing blue eyes.

7) Adele

So, I know Adele has had a lot of conversation about her dress.  A few of you even asked me, “was it as bad as people are saying?”  The thing about Adele is that I absolutely adore her.  Yes, the dress was noticeable, and it was more striking than how the pictures made it out to be.

But was I a fan?  No.  But the fact is, it’s Adele, and she’s always stood on her own foot, and this was another way to showcase her personality to the world.  And people are still talking about her 😉

8) Tim McGraw and Faith Hill

This has been such a star couple to me for years.  And the fact is they’ve been in the business for the long time, and they’re still showing up to the GRAMMYs together.  Tim McGraw wearing his Cowboy hat, and Faith Hill in her amazing dress looking beautiful as always.

9) Mario Lopez, Guiliana Rancic, Kathy Griffin, and Nancy O’Dell

The TV personalities also had the opportunity to walk the red carpet and came over to chat with us.  As one person in the audience shouted out “AC Slater.”  And Kathy Griffin being hilarious as ever, another fun personality on the red carpet.

10) And right before we left was when the big STARS of the show truly showed up.  Rhianna, Beyonce, and Katy Perry, all looking beautiful.  Rhianna’s red dress was so beautiful in person, and Beyonce looked charming as ever.

And Katy Perry, a lady I’ve looked up for the past few years made an even bigger impression on me when she came over on her own accord to sign autographs and take a few photos.

This was a day that goes down in the books, and truly, was one of the most #priceless experiences of my life.  I never thought I’d be that close to a red carpet, and now here I am, saying I was there.

At the #GRAMMYs

This was us after the big event at the Red Carpet.  Our smiles are even brighter at that experience.

Thank you Mastercard for this truly #priceless experience.  A day with friends, and memories that will last a lifetime.  Also, thank you for the swag such as the hats, seats cushions, and cup along with this wonderful CD:


I am a member of the Collective Bias®  Social Fabric® Community.  I participated in this experience at the invitation of MasterCard as part of it’s Priceless Cities program. All thoughts and opinions are my own. #cbias #SocialFabric #LoveThisCity #PricelessLA




16 Responses to A truly #pricelessla experience at the #GRAMMYs

  1. Carolyn West

    I totally agree about Adele. The dress looked much better in person than on camera. I was never a huge JT fan, but I am now after he took the time to come say Hi and spent so much time over with us “little people”. I had a blast.
    Carolyn West recently posted..Red Carpet at the Grammys was a #PricelessLA Experience

    • Jamie

      I was a huge fan of Justin Timberlake since his band showed up to my middle school when I was young.. but over the years I grew out of him… but I have to agree, seeing his piercing blue eyes and his personality on Sunday drew me in all over again.

  2. Raquel

    It was the most amazing day! I day I will treasure for the rest of my life & I enjoyed spending those moments with you! I am still counting all the celebrities we saw. Truly #pricelessla.
    Raquel recently posted..My Teen Idol

  3. Jeannette

    What an awesome experience! I’m sure you’ll remember it forever!
    Jeannette recently posted..How I Have Guilt Free Mornings with International Delight and a Skinny Vanilla Latte Muffin Recipe! #LightIcedCoffee #CBias

  4. Emily @ Baby Dickey

    omgosh, how FUN!!! That’s amazing – love that make a wish kids were there 🙂
    Emily @ Baby Dickey recently posted..New Year, New Home: Chef’s Planet giveaway

  5. Kristin Wheeler (Mama Luvs Books)

    WOW! What an absolutely fabulous experience!!!
    Kristin Wheeler (Mama Luvs Books) recently posted..Kids’ Book Review: My Daughter is Obsessed with Humphrey Books!

  6. Holly @ Woman Tribune

    Wow, what an amazing experience! So happy that you had the opportunity to experience the red carpet at the Grammy’s!

    I also really love Mumford & Sons, and would have probably been jumping up and down with excitement. And that is why I can’t go nice places!

    As for Adele, I could not love her dress more simply because it wasn’t black. She has worn black almost every time I have seen her, and even in her videos she is either wearing black, sitting down, shown from the shoulders up, and wearing so many layers that you can’t tell that she has a shape at all. Which is most likely the point, and it makes me sad. So yes, I was all about Adele’s dress because she was seen, with a shape, and not dressed as if she has something to be ashamed of or shouldn’t be looked at the same as every other woman on a red carpet or at an event.
    Holly @ Woman Tribune recently posted..52 Weeks of Baking Love; Week 7: Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookies for Valentine’s Day

  7. Colette S @JamericanSpice

    What an awesome experience!!
    I love Mastercard!

    Glad you got to have such a memorable time and experiences.
    Colette S @JamericanSpice recently posted..Valentine’s Day #Book Party – 27 Books Dropped to $0.99!

  8. TheFashionistachic

    Sounds like you had a blast, but Jamie did you get any photo’s. I am dying to see photos!!
    TheFashionistachic recently posted..Oscar de la Renta Fall 2013

    • Jamie

      No photos. We weren’t allowed to have cameras or phones… The Grammys are a pretty well guarded area with photographers making money from their shots, etc.

  9. Trianna

    Lucky girl, sounds like you had a great time!!! I love Pauly Perrette! Did you get any pictures or were you too starstruck? LOL
    Trianna recently posted..Pencil Skirt Perfection

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