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Recap: LA Boat Show!

Posted by on February 15, 2013

Being from Minnesota and the land of 10,000 lakes, for awhile,  I did grow up on boats.  I looked forward to every summer so I could go camping up north with my dad, and drive on his boat he had purchased.  We would try to water ski (I still can’t get up on skies) and do some boating and swimming, and fishing.  We would have a blast.  It’d been awhile since I took the time to look at some boats.

Last weekend was the annual LA Boat Show. Think a plethora of boats, but it was also a fun place for the entire family. There were lots of different activities for children to do while at the LA Boat show:
laboatshownaturalist 032

This was a fun shot taken of me.  They had a mechanical surfboard present, in which, you could get on and try it out.  I was nervous about it, but I didn’t pretty well.  This was me jumping off =)

laboatshownaturalist 054

Over at Try it Cove, they had 3 different activities that you could try it.  They would switch it up every hour.  When we first visited, remote control boats were present.  These boats are handmade, and worth about a thousand dollars altogether.  Were you aware that they have boat races around the country?

Paddle Boarding and Scuba Diving were also available to try out.  We went back to try out a little bit of Paddle Boarding later on.  They had a variety of sizes available.  I still am not comfortable enough to stand on my own 😉


They also had a docking station available where you could get a feel of the boat controls, and see how well you are at handling a boat.  The record was 22 seconds for docking a boat.  I totally beat that 😉

laboatshownaturalist 089

And of course, now it’s time to showcase some of the GREAT boats showcased at the show.

laboatshownaturalist 090

IMG_20130208_172907This boat goes incredibly fast at 65-80 miles per hour, and turns on a dime.  The cost?  Well over 650,000 dollars.


For me, I was really admiring the Pontoon boats, and realized if I ever did invest in a boat that would be the direction I’d head.  Just thinking an afternoon on the Ocean with friends and family.

Do you have a favorite boat?  Did you attend the show?  Although, at this time I am not investing in a boat, it was still a lot of fun to look around and dream for a bit.

Disclosure: I was provided admission to the LA Boat Show. 







4 Responses to Recap: LA Boat Show!

  1. Nicole @ Three 31

    HOW FUN!!!!! I grew up on lakes too, my grandparents had a houseboat and aunts and uncles had ski boats and jet skis. In fact, when I was a toddler, my Papaw bolted a playpen to the floor of his houseboat so my parents wouldn’t have to bring ALL the baby-gear with him every trip. Anytime there is water, I want to be in it. I just returned from a 10-day tour of Israel and the Holy Land and I got to “float” in the Dead Sea. Sunshine + Water = Nicole is getting wet!!!!

    p.s. I love pontoons too!!!!!!

    • Jamie

      Those adventures are so fun… camping with family and friends, being out on the boat =) so relaxing.

  2. Ashley

    Looks like a lot of fun! My family has a boat too I always loved going out on it in the summer. The best part is of course driving it. 🙂

  3. Trianna

    Boats are pretty cool even though cruises freak me out. LOL
    I can’t even give you a reason why. Looks like fun. I always go to the car shows, so I’m thinking I would like the boat shows. 🙂
    Trianna recently posted..Pencil Skirt Perfection

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