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Food. Food. Food. They have it all at Dave and Buster’s

Posted by on August 4, 2013

Disclosure: I was invited out to Dave and Buster’s to try out their new summer drinks and menu offerings. 

When I think of Dave and Buster’s I automatically think about fun drinks and games.  That’s what I knew Dave and Buster’s for.  I never heard anyone talk about the food.

BUT, after trying out their food options, the truth, I’m going back for the food.  Not many people know that Buster was a huge foodie, and took great pride in his food, and you truly see this in the menu items provided at Dave and Buster’s.


Just in case you missed it, last week we discussed the new summer drinks available at Dave and Buster’s.  You don’t want to miss out on that post.

Lets begin with the appetizers:


The 5:15 (18.99) has special significance to Dave and Buster’s.  5:15 was the time of the very first sale, and they went and named their sampler platter after it.  5 Items, 5 each.  The 5:15 includes: Chicken Quesadillas, Pretzel Dogs, Crispy Fried Shrimp, Buffalo Wings, and BBQ Potato Chips.


Because there has been such an increase in the Asian population around the country, Dave and Busters has come out with an “Orient Yourself with Our Wild Side” (tastes with an asian twist) menu options:

Items include:

Dragon Wings (featured above) 8.69

Seared Ahi Tuna Salad (12.99)

Firecrackers (Edamame) 5.99


Tomodachi Potstickers (8.99)

Hibachi Salmon (14.99)


And if you’re looking for a fun snack before the main meal arrives I highly recommend the “Poppin’ Potatoes.”  Tossed with garlic butter and parmesan cheese.  (6.69)

Also, with every purchase of Poppin’ Potatoes, 1 dollar is donated to Make-A-Wish.  Even more reason to order these.

Now onto the Entrees (I hope you’re ready!)


If you’re a meat lover.  You will love the food dish options they have available.  Many steak varieties from sirloins to New York strips (16.29-19.99).  Also many chicken dishes available.


A new dish they’re offering is their Bacon Wrapped Medallions and Grilled Shrimp skewers. (17.29)  The dish is also accompanied with a side of bruschetta.  Most bruschetta’s I’ve had have been crispy with the tomatoes atop so you can imagine my surprise when I bit into theirs and realized how soft and tender it was.  I really enjoyed their bruschetta.


The Fire Grilled Salmon (15.49). I usually don’t order salmon at restaurants because I’m not much of a fan, but I did try this one, and enjoyed every bite of it.  Very tender, and full of flavor.  And flavor in the good kind of way 😉


This dish is just brilliant.  The Bistro Steak and Shrimp with Lobster Alfredo (16.99).  Now there’s pasta lovers, and then there are steak lovers.  For the most part, the steak lovers tend to focus on the steak.  The pasta lovers focus upon the pasta.  This is the best of both worlds.

My SO even admitted this is a dish he would order because the steak was included right on top (not being a big pasta person.)


But the dish I couldn’t stop raving about that evening was the Potato Chip Crusted Chicken (13.99).  Chicken covered in a crushed lays potato chip crust served with warm french onion dipping sauce with a medley of vegetables and potatoes.  I am truly inspired to try to make this dish at home.

They also brought out two of the classics:


This is definitely one of the classics.  Double Meat.  Double Cheese.  And so, so good.  Dave’s Double Cheeseburger (10.99).


And for those that love chicken tenders, or fingers, in this case.  They didn’t leave you hanging.  Another classic dish is their “Legendary Goldfingers” (11.99).  One of Dave and Buster’s original favorites.

After all of that, are you ready for dessert?


Where are my donut lovers?  These donut holes (6.89) have you covered.  They are served with chocolate and raspberry sauces to dip right into.


I have to admit I was pretty darn excited when this one came out.  Belgian Chocolate Fondue (8.99).  Served with marshmallows, pound cake, strawberries, graham crackers and brownies, what’s not to love?


Love brownies?  Love ice cream?  If so, then this Ginormous Brownie Sundae will make you quite happy (7.99).  These brownies, house made, put on the bottom with two scoops of vanilla bean ice cream covered with three classic sauces: chocolate, caramel, and raspberry with fresh strawberries.  Of course, it has that cherry on top.


But the real winner for me that evening was the Bananas Foster Pie.  Chilled banana pudding and vanilla sponge cake layered in a cinnamon graham pastry with rum sauce and warm caramel.  It completely melts in your mouth.

Now, after all of this, do you see what I mean about the food?  I am sold.  So, let me know, what are you most looking forward to trying?

Disclosure: I was invited out to try the new Summer Drinks and Menu Offerings at Dave and Buster’s.




10 Responses to Food. Food. Food. They have it all at Dave and Buster’s

  1. Keiunta Dixon

    Oh my goodness. Everything looks so good! I have not been to Dave & Busters in some years. Will have to go soon.
    Keiunta Dixon recently posted..Aveeno Nourish Dandruff Control Review- Aveeno Nourish Dandruff Control Coupon

    • Jamie

      I know. It was my FIRST time. I had always heard about it, and knew it for its drink and games… but had no idea about the food. I was thoroughly impressed!

  2. Sarah BB @ East9thStreet

    Um, how much of this did you eat? Because I wouldn’t leave until I tried every single dish on the menu! YUM!
    Sarah BB @ East9thStreet recently posted..Brownie Milkshake with Cold Stone Creamery International Delight

    • Jamie

      Too funny Sarah =) We tried a bite of everything then brought home leftovers… let me tell you, the foods GREAT as leftovers too

  3. Ronni Keller

    We love, love LOVE D&B!! It’s awesome because unlike that place ‘cheesey’ place with the mouse, adults & kids all have fun!!
    Ronni Keller recently posted..Spicy Bourbon BBQ Chicken Another Boozey Recipe, You’re Welcome

  4. Amanda

    We have never been but my children are of the age now that I think they would LOVE it! Hubby would just as much too, so we may have to try it out 🙂

  5. Ashley Sears

    I promised my kids a trip to Dave & Busters when they finish their multiplication tables. I have to admit though I think hubby and I enjoy going just as much as they do!
    Ashley Sears recently posted..Comment on BlogHer: Friends, Brands, and Finding Myself by Amanda

    • Jamie

      Oooh, that’s a fun reward =) I’d work my butt to get those multiplication tables done! lol

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