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2013: Wine Gift Guide for Wine Lovers.

Posted by on November 18, 2013

Disclosure: These are products I love, or have been introduced to through a pitch.  HOWEVER, I take this wine gift guide seriously and only recommend products I truly believe in and would share with fellow wine lovers.  I have received some products for review.   Keep eyes out in the weeks ahead as there are some fun giveaways coming out. Affiliate Links are included in this post. 

Here it is.  My annual 2013 Wine Gift Guide for wine lovers.  This year I decided to touch on a few new favorite products that I have ran across in the past year.  Some include wine totes, wine racks, a few wine selections that even give back, and a fun accessory items.


1) The Corkcicle

I first discovered the corksicle last year, and this is still my number one favorite product on the market.  Walking into numerous wineries the past few weeks I have even found other companies coming out with a product very similar to the original corkcicle design.  Put this in the freezer then when you’re ready to open your bottle of white wine, pull this out, pour your beverages then input this into your bottle to keep it cool.  Saves time on running back and forth, or even keeping an ice bucket around.  (Affiliate Link)

Retails: 24.95

Corkcicle Classic Wine Chiller, Cork

This year they’ve also come out with the Beer Chillsner which can be inserted into your beers to keep them cool.

2) Sparq Wine Pearls

Wine Pearls

I first ran across the Sparq Wine Pearls when I was shopping at Del Amo Fashion Center.  Stopped in a store to browse through the gift products when I saw these.  I have been hooked on these since.  These wine pearls are very similar to the product above in which you freeze the pearls then place inside your wine glass.  Two pearls are all you need per glass.  But not only that, makes the glass look interesting too.

Retail: 29.95
(Affiliate Link) SPARQ Wine Pearls -Set of 4 Hand Polished Stainless Steel Metal Chillers
3) ThinkEco2

When I first heard about these wonderful wine racks and gift boxes I knew they’d be perfect for the holidays.  What’s great is that they’re completely hand made and they’re eco friendly.  A business located out of San Diego:

Homemade Wine Racks

ThinkEco²  handcrafts eco-friendly wine racks, wine gift boxes, and garden planters.  They are perfect for the holidays. Our wine racks are offered rustic or in a variety of colors including black, white, green, and red. They fit perfectly onto a countertop.  These are great for the countertop and fit a variety of wine bottles.  We all want to make our wine collection look a little more pretty. this is a great solution.

And for those that want to gift to other wine lovers, the gift boxes work perfectly.  For more information be sure to connect with them on Etsy, to see their full range of product offerings.  There’s some REALLY adorable items on there including a few tables I have my eyes on.  (Psst:  A Giveaway is happening next week!)

Connect with them on Twitter and Facebook too!

4) Wine Wars 

Every year I have to include some sort of Wine Board Game.  Last year it was The Winerd… this year I introduce you to Wine Wars. 
Wine Wars

(Affiliate Link) Wine Wars Trivia Game

This fun game tests your knowledge of the fruit of the vine. Let the battle begin as players answer questions in categories such as Vine to Vino (growing grapes, making wine, and world production), Wine Cellar (selecting, storing, and tasting wine), and Cork Culture (wine people, business, arts and science, and trivia).  Whether you’re new to wine or a true and color vino, this is the game for you.

Retail Value: 30 Dollars

5) Built NY Wine Totes

When introduced to these over 2 years ago I have fallen in love.  What I love about these totes is that they make it so easy to carry a bottle of wine with you.  Whether you’re going to a friends house, or a party, or even to a picnic in the park, that wine bottle is staying protected.

Built NY Wine Totes

And they make it very easy to find whether online or through BevMo or Total Wine and More.  These are a GREAT gift option.

6) One Hope Wine 

One Hope Wine

For me, I am drawn to companies that are always give back.  One Hope Wine is one of those companies, and a wine I am very happy to promote.  With each wine giving profits back to a different cause it makes you feel good when you buy this wine.

They’ve recently came out with their own Holiday Gift Guide with a variety of fun gifting options to choose from.  Check it out and let me know your favorite finds.

7) Wine Gift Baskets from Hickory Farms

Every year it is my tradition to include Hickory Farms into my holiday season.  It started young with their cheese and crackers.  But the older I get the more I am drawn to their fun gift baskets including the baskets they’ve created for us wine lovers:

Hickory Farms Wine Gift Baskets

Like this “Toast the Traditions” Gift Basket showcased above.  Retail Value: 99 dollars.  Includes Meats, Cheese, a bottle of La Crema (Sonoma County) wine, pears, apples and more.  It is guaranteed to create smiles with this gift.  Stay tuned for more info.. later.

8) Gift Cards

Even if the above gifts so ll aren’t the right option, often times, stopping into their favorite wine shop to purchase Gift Cards makes for a great gifting option.  Total Wine and More has a HUGE selection of wine, and a gift card to this location would put the wine lover in paradise.  Wrap the gift card up in an adorable wine tote and you’re set.

BevMo is another great option for a gift card purchase.

9) Wine Ornaments

In my family it was quite the tradition to give ornaments every year.  It became easier as the passions and personalities came out and the ornaments became more personable.  So, look for the perfect tree ornament for the wine lover and make it a great gift:

wine ornaments

All of the above ornaments were found via Fun Christmas Ornaments.

10) Cork Opener

What do I like in a cork opener?  EASY.  EFFICIENT.  and one where I’m not struggling to open my wine bottle.  Last year my SO gave me one that has made my life so much easier, and well, I have to share this treasure with you:

Oxo Steel CorkPull

This OXO Steel CorkPull makes my life so much easier.  Insert over the bottle of your wine, twist and turn.  When ready just hit the buttons on the side at the top, and voila, your cork is out.  No more breaking corks as you try to get it out of the bottle.  No more struggles.  This is my REAL winner of the year.
(Affiliate Link) Oxo Steel CorkPull Wine Opener/Corkscrew

11) Capabunga


I love Twitter.  Why, you ask?  Because I just discovered Capabunga!! Open a bottle of wine, but sometimes don’t finish it?  Instead of placing the cork back in, Capabunga to the rescue.  The reusable wine bottle cap that comes in a variety of fun designs.  The fun part is shaking the bottle up to guarantee that these CAPS do not leak.

For more information about Capabunga, check out their site.

This is my Wine Gift Guide for this year… some real winners, and I hope you found this useful.  Do you have any of the products? If so, which ones do you love?  I hope I’ve added a few to your list too.

If you want to take a peek at last year’s list, be sure to check it out here. 

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