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Last Minute Mini Cheesecake Recipe!

Posted by on December 20, 2013

Yesterday I was baking up a storm making those last minute treats.  I received a lot of positive comments so I thought I’d share one my classic favorite recipes.  The Holiday Mini Cheesecake.  This cheesecake recipe I have shared on other recipes.  This is why I like it because it’s so adaptable in a variety of situations.  But, for me, it works the best with this one:

Mini CheesecakesThat’s them, up above mixed in with the other baking goodies. 

Ingredients needed:

1 Box Nilla Wafers

1 Container Cupcake Holders (make sure they’re foil, need to be sturdy!)

1 16oz Container Sour Cream

1 Container Cool Whip

1 Box Cream Cheese

2 Cans Cherry Pie Filling

1/2 Cup Sugar


In Mixer, Combine 1/2 Cup Sugar and Cream Cheese.  Mix together.  Add in Sour Cream, mix togeter.  Add in Cool Whip.  Mix together.  In meantime, line up cupcake liners.  Putting them an assembly line helps a lot.  Place a Nilla wafer at the bottom of the baking liners.  Scoop in the cream cheese mixture  into the cups.  Open your Pie filling and scoop cherries on top.  Place in fridge and let cool for at least 30 minutes before serving, although keeping them cool overnight is a good idea.

Trust me, you will enjoy these delightful treats.  Super easy to make.



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