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Life as an Introvert while on Vacation!

Posted by on March 21, 2015

It’s funny.

Over the years, I’ve finally realized how much of an introvert I am, but often times, I still try to fight through it.  I learned this, especially, this past week when a long time friend flew in from my home state to hang out for a week.

It was awesome having her around, but the difference in energy levels truly showed.  As I was ready to buckle in for the night around 9pm, she was just raring to go.  (Vacation mode, ya’ll!)  And after 5 days of go, go, go, I finally hit my limit, and the wall, and crashed one evening the minute we got home that evening.


I soon realized, that as an introvert, when it comes to vacationing with others whether you’re going on vacation with a group or someone is coming to visit you, we still need to take care of ourselves.

Some things to think about:

1) Give Yourself a Bit of Down Time Each Day

This is so important.  During vacation we tend to plan a lot, but it’s so important to give yourself time to breathe so you can actually enjoy the moments too.  While visiting a bustling city, find a park to just sit and chill out for a half hour or more.  You can people watch, have a drink, and just rest up.

Another thing to consider is getting away on your own (this may mean running to the restroom just for a few minutes of downtime!)

At conferences it may just mean running to our hotel room for an afternoon break, etc.  It’s our recharge time.

2) It’s okay to be Quiet!

I found, with this past trip, that during the evenings, is when I’d crashed out.  My body was done, and that often times, meant my mental state too.  Luckily, during these times, were the long drives home.  It was okay driving in silence, but it’s also important to let the people you’re with know that nothing’s wrong, but this is your time to recuperate.

3) Be flexible, but know your Limits!

As introverts, we really do need to set boundaries.  We need to know what things will cause us stress, what things will overwhelm us, and to try to cut those down to a minimum.  BUT, yes, there will still be times where we put ourselves through more than we can handle.  The key?  Knowing our limits.

For example?

On Vacation, we may tend to head to BIG places with lots of people.  As introverts, this can be VERY VERY draining on us.  The key to setting limits?  Give ourselves a time limit, or another key?  Find a small space in this crowded place that is a little more private.

At a bar?  A table that is near the back.  At a museum, a bench away from the crowds, in a busy city?  A park that is more quiet than the rest of the city limits, etc.

4) Always Book Your Own Hotel Room

The key to most vacations for me? Is this point above.  Your own hotel room.  That peace and quiet at the end of each night is the pivotal point to survival.  That is YOUR time to recharge, reconnect, and rest up for the next day ahead.

5) Balance

Another key while on Vacation is definitely Balance.  After visiting a bustling place like a museum, a big city, or a concert, give ourselves a quiet place to settle into afterwords.  The drive home, a quiet cafe or restaurant, or a park.

Or, if we go outside our comfort zone follow up with something that makes us comfortable.  The balance is KEY while vacationing.

Do you have some Introvert stories to share while you’re on vacation?  Good stories, bad stories, or any advice while vacationing as an introvert?




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