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Amusement Parks, here I come!

Posted by on January 1, 2012

This past year I stayed away from all the Amusement Parks in the LA area because there were so many other things to experience and enjoy.

However, 2012, I made a resolution to try out a few.  I began to research the cost of annual passes and this is what I found out:

Knott’s Berry Farm:

Daily Admission: 46.99

Kids ages 3-11: 24.99

Seniors: 62+: 24.99

Annual Pass: 

Platinum: 165 dollars (includes Parking)

Gold: 89.99 (includes Soak City)

Season Pass: 64.99

The winner for me was the Gold Season Pass.  Between Soak City and Knott’s Berry Farm, that’s enough to keep me happy.  And since Knott’s is the Original Amusement Park, I must check it out!

Universal Studios:

Daily Admission: 77.99

Under 48″: 69.99

Annual Pass:

Premium: 144.99 (includes Parking)

No Black Out Pass: 104.99

Buy a Day at 77.99, get 2012 FREE is still happening!

The winner for me was the Buy a Day at 77.99, get the rest of 2012 FREE!

Six Flags Magic Mountain

Daily Admission: 61.99

Buying Online: 36.99

Child under 48″: 36.99

2 and Under: Free

Annual Pass:

Thrill Pass: 61.99 (Same as Daily Admission!)

Combo Pass: (Magic Mountain and Hurricane Harbor) 89.99

Xtreme Pass: 125.00 (Free Parking and No Black Out Dates)

The winner for me is the COMBO pass.  2 parks for that price, I’ll take it.  Individual Parking each visit is 15 dollars! *as a heads up*


Daily Admission: (1o+) 80.00

Ages 3 to 9: 74.00

1 Day Park Hopper: 3 to 9: 99.00 (10+) 105.00

They also have 2 to 5 day Admission and Park Hopper Tickets Available!

Annual Pass:

Premium Passport: 499.00  (Free Parking, No Black Out Dates)

Deluxe Annual Passport: 379.00 (315 days of use)

Southern California Annual Pass: 269.00 (215 days of use)

Southern California Select Annual Pass: 199.00 (170 days of use)

If you’re in California, you also have the option of doing a monthly payment with any of the passes purchased.  A down payment of 80.00 is required!

The winner for me was the Select Annual Pass.  170 days is enough for me!  I know I wouldn’t be going ALL the time, but more than 2 times, the cost of two admission tickets, so it’s completely worth it to me!  

This is the information I found as I was doing my research on Annual Passes towards the Amusement Parks close to the LA area.  Now I just have to decide which ones are worth the investment!




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