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Around the US

Posted by on March 21, 2012

On any given day, Epcot in Orlando, Florida stands proud as people walk all around.

In Minnesota, with the warmer temperatures coming around, the Lakes will be flooded with people and boats enjoying the sunshine.  Biker’s will also be out and about, along with the many roller bladers, walkers, and runners.

People will continue to flock to Washington DC to see the National Monuments that have only been seen in pictures for so long.  Visiting the monuments and the museums along the National Mall.

And lets not forget about the Glitz and Wonder of Beverly Hills, California.  A view from Iconic Rodeo Drive.

Or even the historic Hollywood sign that people love to see in person!

Or the gorgeous city skyline of Chicago with a view of Lake Michigan in front.

Or the view of The Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.  It really is an amazing sight to see in person.

The beautiful mountains of Colorado are breathtaking for anybody.

The majestic beauty of the leaves turning colors in the fall in the Minnesota North Shore.  But I long to think of the beauty of the NorthEast along Vermont to Maine.

And no matter where you look in Utah, there’s a beautiful landscape in front of you.  Just amazing when you get the right clouds surrounding them.

However, for me, nothing beats an ocean view!

*Disclosure* All the pictures above were taken by me as I travelled around the US.  This is only a small selection of what I have seen.  I hope to continue to add to this collection, and one day complete my goal of visiting all 50!


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