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Travelers: Are you ready for the Government shutdown?

Posted by on October 7, 2013

Even as travelers, without even thinking about it, the government shutdown could truly affect us.  With hundreds of national parks closing down from the Lincoln Memorial to The Grand Canyon to The Statue of Liberty to the Washington Monument. has come up with some tips to make your travel plans a little easier:



Travelers who booked pre-arranged itineraries with a tour company within a national park will be given alternative options, however, refunds likely won’t be possible.  Independent travelers are not entitled to refunds due to park closures unless that accommodation is within a park and can not be reached.


For those looking to travel outside the country in the immediate future and are in need of a new or renewed passport: Passports are being issued during the shutdown, but travelers are cautioned to call ahead to the passport office that will be processing their paperwork to ensure it is not located in a federal building that be closed as a result of the furlough.


While the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) did furlough over 15,000 employees, “essential” workers such as air traffic controllers, equipment maintenance personnel and safety inspectors are still working to maintain air travel safety. If the furlough extends longer than a few days, the FAA says they will incrementally begin to recall specific employees back to work to meet continuing safety needs.


While properties INSIDE national parks are currently unreachable, many properties just outside or within a few miles of these site are currently offering steep discounts in rates to combat the affects of the shutdown on tourism in their area. Despite closed attraction, there is still much to do in many of these areas and breaking deals for the perfect place to experience them can be found in real-time on the deal page.


Happy traveling ahead!

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