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Give a Dollar, Get a Dollar with Causora! #ad

Posted by on December 22, 2013

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Causora but a cause I deeply believe in. 

When I first heard about Causora, I thought it was a great concept.  I can choose one of my favorite charities or causes, donate an amount of money, get that money back.  It was really that simple, and Causora has made it so easy to give.

Causora is simple.  For every dollar you donate, you are able to connect with area merchants and get back the amount you give.  So, lets think about this.  Give to one of your favorite causes and you can shop for something for yourself or even a gift for someone else. Can we a say a win-win?  One week I can help out the beloved animals, next week I could help out the children, and the week after I could help out the arts, and while doing this go shopping for future gifts down the road.

I know, I am so happy I found out about Causora, because now, I can make sure I give year round to the causes close to my heart, and I hope you will too.


Some of the causes I found on the list include:

A Forever Home for Rescues

Boys and Girls Club of Santa Monica

Arts 4 All

Children of War Foundation

CAT Connection

and many many more.

They make it super easy to donate.  Pick your designated amount, and hit donate and fill in your information.  Tell me about some of your favorite causes below?

As you see from above some of mine include: Animals, Children, and the ARTS.

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