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2014 Word of the year (Be) Genuine! #OneWord365

Posted by on January 1, 2014

This morning I woke up, and headed to work.  Thinking about 2013 and all the great memories that were made I was left feeling a little sad that the year was over, but then I looked at the sunrise rising in front of me and realized how awesome and amazing the year ahead will be.

Am I optimistic for 2014? Definitely.  Have I made goals?  Absolutely?  Have I made resolutions?  Not really this year, however, I did choose my word of the year.  This became a tradition a little over two years ago.  Much easier to choose one word as opposed to a ton of resolutions.

Last year my word was “Open.”  I chose that word so I would be “open” to new opportunities, but also the people that walked into my life.  It was my attempt to reach out to others more.  Did I reach out?  In some ways, yes.  In others, I could have done better, but I know I walked away with stronger relationships by year end.  2013 was a year of growth within myself, but also a year of change by making a journey out of Los Angeles and into my new home broadening my horizons even further.

When I thought about what words I would narrow it down to this year, it really came down to two words.  The first was “try.”  Meaning to put effort into everything I did.  If I have a dream, at least TRY to pursue it, however, it just wasn’t enough for me.  I didn’t like “try.”  It just wasn’t enough.

Then I began to think about my blog, my words, and where I’m headed, and I realized one thing.  I just want to (be) genuine.  I want people to get the real me.  When they think of me, what comes to their mind?  Am what I thinking about myself being relayed to other people?


And not only that but how I treat other people.  Are my relations genuine when I run across people?  This is something I often struggle with being a big introvert and also pretty dang shy, so this is what I really wanted to work on this year.

Now only here, on the blog, by bringing you the things I truly enjoy about life: Food, Travel, and Wine, but in my every day relations.  Ask me a question,  I am bound to give you an honest response.  This is the year that people will get to see the “real” me.  No holding back anymore.  Life is too short to always remain silent, so this year I’m embracing “me.”

And it’s also the year for me to step outside of my comfort zone.  To approach others.  To engage with others, and (be) genuine in the best way possible: to be “me.”

What is your word of the year?




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