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Moving. New Journey Ahead.

Posted by on February 12, 2014

When my SO and I first moved to Northern California we resided with my SO’s parents.  We were VERY grateful for their generosity during our transition from SoCal to NorCal, but just a few weeks ago we finally moved to our own place.  An apartment.

Back in Los Angeles, we just had a small studio that we shared amongst ourselves and space was a huge issue.  I’m not saying it won’t be here, but we have far more room, and an additional bedroom.  A place to finally turn into a home.   And let me tell you my decorating mode is beginning to come out.

As of next week we will have the majority of our furniture in the space and then I’ll finally be able to put the finishing “touches” to our new space.  Our new home.   The last few years I kind of lost a bit of that domesticness because of a lack of space, but it feels good to finally have it back.

Some things I’ve been working on:

Wine Space

Creating a Wine Space.  You all know how I love my wine, but the issue before was not having a designated space for its location.  I will eventually be getting a beautiful wrought iron wine rack along with turning this counter space into wine decor central from my beautiful wine cork frame to fantastic cheese boards to cork holders.   When people walk in the apartment they will know our passions or at least mine.

Another thing I’ve been working on:


Want to know a secret?  For years I’ve always hated my bookshelves.  The past few months I’ve been exploring pinterest and seeing how people go about making their bookshelves awesome.  I think the secret is to not overload the bookshelves and add a bit of your interests into the shevles too.  So, this is a start, and so far, I like how it looks other than the top shelf.  That’s still a work in progress although I love my jester dolls that came from New Orleans.

Some future projects include framing some of our photographs and artwork around the home to showcase our artistry along with possibly upcycling some furniture into more stylish pieces.  That means I may be going to a few thrift stores down the road to see what I can create, but in the end, I’m just happy to finally be somewhere that I can officially call a home again.


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