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Dinner Made Easy with Papa Murphy’s Pan Pizza #ad

Posted by on March 6, 2014

Disclosure:  This is a sponsored post on behalf of Papa Murphy’s and Moms Select. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

Ever since Papa Murphy’s came on the scene I have been a big fan so when I heard they came out with a new Pan Pizza I knew right away that I had to try it.

Papa Murphy's

The other night, after work, I called in an order to my local Papa Murphy’s and was told it’d be ready in 10 minutes.  I love that.  So I hopped in my car, drove a few minutes to my nearest location, picked up the pizza and away I went:

Papa Murphy's Pan PizzaHere it is all wrapped up.  I love that you can order and pick it up and carry it out just like that.  The best part is baking it right at home.  So, if you pick up dinner a few hours earlier you can easily keep it cool in the fridge and bring it out when you’re ready to cook dinner.  I cooked it right away and had dinner ready by the time my SO came home.  When he got home he had thought I made the pizza.  See how Papa Murphy’s made me look good?

Hawaiian Pizza


After it’s been cooked in the oven.  The best part of the Pan Pizzas is that you can pick your favorite pizza creations.  The Hawaiian was looking really good to me when I was looking over the menu so the Hawaiian is what we ended up getting.  Order your favorite specialty pizza and they will make it work.

pizza pizza


What I ended loving about the Pan Pizza:

Is the deep dish pan it comes in even allowing you to cook the pizza right in the pan.  No need to put the pizza on your own pan, so convenient.  I also really loved the thicker crust.  When I eat pizza I love having a bit of crust to chew on.  And I loved that they were able to make my favorite pizza creation into the pan pizza.  It was a win win.  Also, during the cooking process I could really smell the oils coming out of the pizza leaving my home smelling really good.

Pizza NightAnd my SO’s thoughts?  Very good, very soft, crust was easy to chew on, and very filling leaving leftovers for the next day.  And as you can see above it was also kitty approved.

We will be having this frequently in our household.




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