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A look inside Moss Landing

Posted by on April 20, 2014

Disclosure: Food, Tours and an exploration of Moss Landing were provided free of charge on behalf of this post.  However, all opinions are my own, and this article has been created on my own observations. 

Moss Landing is a town located right off of Highway 1 between the two towns of Monterey and Santa Cruz, California.  With a blink of an eye, if you’re not paying attention, you may even miss it.  BUT, from what I’ve seen of this town, it’s a place to spend a day at especially if you love towns with a little bit of character, antiquing or looking for a very unique travel experience.

Where to Eat:

The Haute Enchilada:



This restaurant located at 7902 Moss Landing Rd.  The restaurant has a very eclectic menu focusing on sustainable seafood and organic produce.  BUT truly, part of the charm, is the artistic vibe that this restaurant carries.

Attached are two art galleries you can take some time before or after you eat to explore the property, take some great photos, and take in a bit of Moss Landing Charm.

The restaurant opens every day at 11am to serve Brunch, Lunch or Dinner options.

I gobbled up my seafood meatballs right away as it was layered in a yummy lobster broth, and would definitely have my course again.

The Whole Enchilda:

The Whole Enchilada


Located at 7902 California Highway 1 this restaurant focuses on Mexican cuisine and has easily become a favorite destination for travelers off the Highway 1 for years.

Lunch begins as early as 11:30am and is served until 9pm Daily.

Where to Stay:

Captain’s Inn 

Again, Moss Landing is known for its charming character, and if you want a truly authentic Moss Landing experience stay a night or two at the famed Captain’s Inn Bed and Breakfast right in town.

Located right off of the Tidal Channel, an area of land known for its natural wildlife of birds, sea lions, harbor seals and otters.  The inn provides a plethora view of the surrounding channel.

But the charm truly resides in the rooms at the inn.  Each room is a calm retreat for a restful and romantic stay. For guest comfort, they provide a full hot breakfast, feather pillows, cozy robes, plush top beds, quality bedding, private baths and cookies.  And each room is decorated in a very nautical way.

Be forewarned though.  Most rooms come equipped with just a bathtub, and may not have shower capabilities.

Where to Play:


Stop in and out of the various Antique stores located along Moss Landing Road and explore the treasures inside.

Elkhorn Slough Safari Tours:

And, if you want to see the Captain of Captain’s Inn in action, stop on by for a tour along the Elkhorn Slough.

The Slough is known for being one of the top ten estuary’s.  An estuary is a partially enclosed body of water along the coast where freshwater from rivers and streams meets and mixes with salt water from the ocean.

Sea Lions


Sea Lions

This one of a kind tour will take you within the Elkhorn Slough to give you an up close view of wildlife in action.  From Sea Lions to Harbor Seals to Sea Otters to tons of wildlife and bird species across the land.  Each tour giving a different experience from the one before.

sea-otterSea Otter

The Safari Tour is very educational as the tour guides, naturalists, teach you about the wildlife within the slough, and visitors upon the tour may even be given a job to keep track of certain animals along the slough.

On our trip we discovered over 700 Sea Lions, 75 Sea Otters, over 100 Harbor Seals, and over 26 different bird species in just our 90 minute tour.

the captain

The tour takes place on a 27 food stable pontoon boat driven by the Captain Yohn Gideon, a coast guard licensed captain, and a local Elkhorn Slough Naturalist himself.  Well versed in bird species and the local slough area.

Tour Costs: 

Adults: 35 Dollars
Children (12 to 3 years old (3 yr min.): 26 Dollars
Seniors (65+): 32 Dollars

Be sure to make reservations ahead of time here.  This tour was one of my favorite wildlife tours I’ve ever taken, and it truly gives you a close up view of wildlife happening all around you, and probably one of the best places to get a close up view of those playful sea otters.



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