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Sonoma County Winery: Benziger Family Vineyards

Posted by on June 26, 2014

It’s funny.  Living up in beautiful Sonoma County, I find myself very lucky.  With that being said, I never know when I’ll end up at a winery.  I don’t plan these things out very well, but thank heavens, for the beautiful wineries in Sonoma County where a walk in tasting is perfectly acceptable.

Earlier in the year, I worked a pretty short shift at my day job, and had a lot of extra time.  I wasn’t in the mood to head home, quite yet, so I decided to explore the roads around Glen Ellen, a bit.  That’s when I discovered Benziger Family Vineyards.  Yes, completely family owned winery.

Tours and Tasting Right as I walked up I saw the Tours & Tasting sign, and instantly wanted to take a tour.  Luckily for me, further up the walk, they had a full booth dedicated to booking tours.

I asked them if they had any available, and lo and behold, a tour was to start within 10 minutes.  I quickly signed up.  The prices for tours are:

Benziger Partners Estate Winery Tour:

Which includes behind the scenes of the estate and a seated wine tasting:

Tours 11:15am, 12:45pm &  2:15pm
$50.00 per guest (no minors, please)
$40.00 Wine Club Members

Biodynamic Vineyard Tram Tour:

Biodynamic Wine Tours are daily and leave on the half hour from 11:00am until 3:30pm with the exception of noon (weather permitting). $25.00 per guest, $10.00 under 21

For reservations: Reservations require 24 hours advanced notice. If your date or time is not available please contact us at 707.935.4527.

Electric TramOur electric vehicle soon arrived, and the 4 of us, driver included, boarded our tram.  The tram took us around the beautiful vineyard estate as the driver discussed Benziger Family Vineyards and truly explained the Bio-dynamic and Sustainable practices of the vineyard.

Benziger Family Vineyards, for well over 30 years, has been true leaders in making the best bio-dynamic wines out there.  And, because they’re bio-dynamic, it’s all in the soil found within the vineyard.

Benziger Winery Biodynamic wines are wines made using the principles of biodynamic agriculture. Biodynamic refers to both the agricultural methods and the handling and processing of the fruit post-harvest. (wikipedia.)

Everything is done within the property.  Nothing can be brought into the property.  It was really interesting to hear their practices in how they create their wine, harvest their wine, and the animals that help throughout the process.  (TRUST Me, you want to take this tour!)

We drove around the property and even had an outside tasting:

Wine Tasting I don’t know about you, but a wine tasting outdoors on a perfect summer day is really calling to me right now.  Especially after looking at these photos.

We soon found ourselves outside the Wine Cave and soon were led inside to a special seated tasting:

Wine Cave Tasting And then one final tasting took place within the Benziger Tasting room:

Benziger Wine After taking the tour, I really became a fan.

1) Because of their Bio-Dynamic Practices

2) The Tour, itself

3) The Wine

I was sold on Benziger.   So if you’re in Sonoma County, if you can make a stop in Glen Ellen, this is the place I recommend.

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