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8 Ways to Enjoy Downtown San Jose, California

Posted by on August 3, 2014

When I attended the big blogging conference just a mere week ago, one of my goals was to take the time to explore Downtown San Jose.  It was my first time actually spending time in one of the hubs of Silicon Valley.

Needless to say, by the end of the weekend, I found some new places that I truly fell in love with and of course want to share them with you.

1) San Jose Convention Center



You know what’s awesome about the Convention Center?  Their awesome new wi-fi capabilities.  Not only does the wi-fi work incredibly well within the convention center building, in all areas, I must add, but also on the street as you are walking out of the convention center.  Needless to say, for a blogger, it was a dream come true.

2) San Pedro Market Square


This fun little street within Downtown San Jose has a ton of restaurants, bars, and places to truly enjoy.  One of the highlights is walking into the San Pedro Market where there are many cool things happening from wood fired pizza to one of a kind hot dogs with amazing cheese fries to local coffee makers.  This hub is located within 2 buildings, and yes, even some bar atmospheres are inside.

3) VinoVino

I found this gem of a Wine Bar within the San Pedro Market Square, but of course, knowing how big of a vino fan I am, this needed its own spot.

One thing I truly loved about this Wine Bar?  Knowing that the wines were all on tap.  You could purchase a flight of 4 wines for 15 dollars, or purchase a bottle and then enjoy it out in the San Pedro Market Square courtyard.

The other thing I truly love about this place is that it only features local California wines.

4) Original Gravity Public House

Downtown San Jose loves their craft beer, and a favorite amongst a local blogger friend, Cassie from Ever in Transit, is none other than The Original Gravity Public House.  This local hangout has beers on tap, and even during one stay may switch out the beers as the beers run out.

So if you find a beer you love, you best order it before it gets switched out.  Although, I, myself, am not a beer drinker, I was happy to find they had a varietal of Hard Cider I’d been wanting to try in Tieton Cider Works:

Tieton-Cider5) The Historic Theaters

The San Jose Convention and Visitors Bureaus has taken great pride in restoring and keeping the history alive in their beautiful Historic Theaters found around town.  They have taken ownership of 4 historic theaters within the Downtown San Jose Area:

California Theatre:

The Montgomery Theater



Center for the Performing Arts


City National Civic

As you can see when walking around Downtown San Jose, the beauty of these historic theaters are pretty eye catching and not only that they put on some great shows throughout the year.

6) Psycho Donuts

If you’re a fan of Donuts, you must take the time to stop in Psycho Donuts.  With names such as Cereal Killer, The Spam Wellington, BananaRama and many more, what’s not to love?

And if you’re lucky you may just spot the Psycho of the Month Mirror like I did:

PsychoA very fun environment, and let me tell you, the donuts are pretty dang delicious too.

7) Tech Museum of Innovation

One of the best museums within Downtown San Jose is none other than the Tech Museum of Innovation.  Throughout the exhibits discovered in this museum you can learn about the innovation of technology, genetics, robots, Earthquakes, and more.

The best part about this museum are all of the interactive exhibits where you can become apart of the exhibits.

Some favorites included:

Making Your Own Robot

The EarthQuake Simulator

And The Genetics Science Lab

and many others, but of course, I can’t ruin the surprise.


 Museum Galleries only  $20.00  $15.00  $15.00
 Educational IMAX Film  $10.00  $8.00  $8.00
 Museum & Educational IMAX Combo  $25.00  $20.00  $20.00 

8) The PediCabs

If you happen to head to Downtown San Jose Wednesday through Sunday evenings from 7pm to 2am, keep your eyes out for the Pedicabs to bring you to your next location.  The experience alone on behalf of Eco City Cycles is worth it alone.

The-Pedicabs-ExperienceUs on a PediCab after a long day of fun.

The best part is that the prices are completely negotiable, you give what you’re able.  They’ve easily become a favorite amongst locals and travelers visiting the Downtown San Jose area.  And what’s great is often time they’ll be right there waiting for you when you walk out of an event.  This is exactly what happened to us last weekend.  With that offer we just couldn’t refuse.

So, I know I’ve just visited the Downtown San Jose one time, but it’s left a lasting impression on me.  I can’t wait to go back this upcoming week to discover even more to share with all of you.



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