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50 Ways to ReConnect With Your Partner in the New Year! #YoursandMine #CollectiveBias #AD

Posted by on December 30, 2014

Disclosure: This shop has been compensated by Collective Bias, Inc. and its advertiser. All opinions are mine alone. #YoursandMine #CollectiveBias


With the New Year right around the corner one thing I truly knew I wanted to work on in 2015 was reconnecting with my other half.  Being together for the past 4 years has been a lot of fun, but sometimes, we let life get in between and put certain things off.  As our partners, they are there day in and day out, and often times we can easily take them for granted. In 2015, this won’t be the case, this will be the year where our relationship comes front and center.  #YoursandMine

Love-Your-Partner #YoursandMine

A few weeks ahead of the New Year I made sure to sit down and create a list of how I would help to keep my relationship front and center in 2015, and I wanted to share this list with you.  I hope every person that reads this can take something away to incorporate into their own relationships.  #CollectiveBias

50 Ways to ReConnect With Your Partner in the New Year:

1) Each night set time for each other.  (Yes, no matter how busy you are and even if its just 10 minutes!)

2) Have at least 1 Date Night a Month! (Date Night Ins Count!)

3) Make Dinner for Him at least once a week!  (For others, it may be more!)

4) Try Something New in the Bedroom (Try K-Y® YOURS+MINE Lubricant!)


5) Show Interest in one of your partner’s Hobbies.

6) Add more candles to the bedroom!

7) Introduce each other to new places in the neighborhood (I Spy…)

8) Have one room in the house dedicated to no distractions (Calming Place, no TV, no distractions, just each other)

9) Go on long scenic drives where it’s just the two of you.  (No phones allowed!)

10) Plan a trip together! (A weekend away counts!)

11) Sit down to watch their favorite show together

12) Find out their favorite meal and make it for them.

13) Go Camping underneath the stars together

14) Buy them an experience gift to make new memories

15) Each night be done with work, etc by a certain time of the night.  (Hard to do, but worth the effort!)

16) Bring home their favorite beverage one night not expected (Wine, Beer, Juice, Tea, etc)

17) Surprise them!

18) Send them flowers.

19) Take their vehicle for an oil change

20) Learn to Say No to others and yes to your partner!

21) Talk to Your Partner first before agreeing on any obligations.

22) Create a New Tradition (Coffee together in the morning, lunch once a week, chatting before bed, etc)

23) Gratitude: Think of One Thing Your Partner Does that Makes You Happy Daily.

24) Don’t say “No,” instead say “Maybe.”  (TRUST ME, it makes a difference!)

25) Touch each other.  (Rub their Neck, Give an unexpected Hug, Touch their Knee as you Walk By)

26) Flirt (We sometimes forget to flirt with each other, bring it back and make it fun!)

27) Encourage each other.  (We hear the good, the bad, and the ugly.  During their down moments give encouraging words back by mentioning something you appreciate about them.)

28) Respect Each Other’s Differences (and recognize when they need their space!)

29) Don’t Take Things Personally (Easier said than done, but remember, the closer we are to one another, sometimes, often, we may get the bad too.  As soon as we learn how to not take things personally, the better off we are.)

30) Do Things Separately!  (It is okay to have your own interests, in fact, embrace it.)

31) Find an activity you can enjoy together

32) Make bedtime an intimate time.  Shut down all distractions and connect with each other.

33) Sometimes you just have to schedule time for each other (Yes, schedule!)

34) Know when to put everything else aside and just focus on your partner (The signs are there!)

35) Be Present.

36) Leave a card on their car without them knowing

37) Bring home their favorite candy

38) Do Something Extra Around the Home (Make the bed, Clean the Bathroom, something you tend to put off!)

39) Do one of their chores for them (Take the trash out, do the dishes, etc)

40) Remember it’s “we” and not “me.” (Is this good for the relationship, etc?)

41) Grant Each Other “3 Wishes” then work to make these happen.

42) Mellow Out to Music.  Turn off all distractions and turn on the music.  Just sit and listen and enjoy.

43) Buy new bedroom sheets and make the bed!

44) Create a Game together (Write a Romantic Story together where you switch off sentences, create a silly song!)

45) Embrace Your Silliness (Photo Booths, Miniature Golf, etc)

46) Tease Playfully (But stop before it goes too far!)

47) Be Open to Each Other

48) Try something new together!

49) Have nights away from each other.  (Seriously, it’s okay! Guys Weekend, Girls Weekends Away are a-okay!)

50) Put Each Other First.

Throughout the year when ideas run dry I will be turning back to this list to get re-inspired, and start putting those ideas to work.  This is truly a list that can last throughout the year.  And a GREAT way to start the New Year right.

To help get the list started I did run off to Walmart to purchase K-Y® YOURS+MINE Lubricant.  I love how they had this section close to the Pharmacy area making it incredibly easy to find: Look on the Top Shelf.  They also made it pretty discreet so you could make it look like you’re shopping for something else, if needed.


For more inspiration and ideas on how to ReConnect with your partner in the New Year be sure to visit K-Y.Com

As a fun little bonus be sure to keep an eye out for the special Date Night Deal Coming Soon.  With the purchase of the K-Y® Date Night Package there will be a $50 value that includes: 1 free meal for two people from delivered to your door for an intimate night of cooking together, a $5 VUDU movie credit for you to stream right at home and the pleasure of K-Y® YOURS+MINE Couples Lubricants. Perfect for a date night in!


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