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Book Review: Do You Have the Courage to Be You?

Posted by on April 23, 2015

Disclosure: This is part of a tour with iRead Book Tours.  All opinions are my own.


This is the question, isn’t it?  “Do You Have the Courage to Be You?” is the creation of Jenny Williamson.

Do You Have The Courage To Be You? was the provocative question that changed the entire trajectory of Jenny’s life, and became the impetus used to propel her on a journey of discovering her water-walking, giant-slaying, history-making destiny. She prays it will do the same for you. As Jenny neared her fortieth birthday, she felt pitifully ordinary, was mired in mediocrity, and cloaked in comfort. She knew courage would be required for her to leave the known for the unknown.

We asked Jenny Williamson a few questions about her book:

1. You talk a great deal in your book about finding your purpose, how did you find yours? 

It was quite the journey. What I learned was that I first needed to make a careful assessment of who I was before I could figure out what I was supposed to be doing in this world. You might say I needed to uncover my true identity before I could fulfill my destiny.

2. Is this what you talk about in your book – do you have the courage to be you? 

Yes. The entire first half of the book is on identity – how to make an assessment of who we are so that you can then discover what you were created to do. At some point in our life, we will all ask that question – why am I here? But I believe before the question of why can be answered we must be able to answer the who – who am I?

3. Why is this so important? 

If you do not know who you are, if you don’t believe you are unique and special and valuable, then you will never attempt to do anything. In making an assessment of who we are we then begin to see how we are crafted on purpose for a purpose.

4. Can you give us an example of what you mean? 

Yes. For most of my life I felt pitifully ordinary. I didn’t think I had any talent or purpose. Then around my 40th birthday, I made a careful assessment of myself, which I take people through those steps in my book. I discovered the words I was often labeled, which I perceived as negative – loud, bossy, hyper, stubborn, talkative – were really strengths that I needed to fulfill my destiny. I discovered being called bossy meant I was a leader. Hyper and loud translated to energetic. Stubborn meant I was determined and being talkative was just another word for a communicator. I was so excited to see that I was created WAS on purpose for a purpose. When I discovered who I was then I could see how I was uniquely designed to respond to the needs of children who are being sold for sex, to fight this injustice and have what is required to lead an organization (Courage Worldwide) that meets their needs and builds them homes.

5. How did you find the courage to be you and attempt what you believe you were created to do?

I describe that journey in my book – the short answer is that I have to find courage daily. Courage simply means action in the face of your fears. I personally believe if you don’t wake up every morning scared to death at the enormity and impossibility of your dreams – then they aren’t big enough. Dream big! As you begin to make tangible steps daily towards fulfilling your dreams, the fears and insecurities get less and less – then you become bold; then you become dangerous!

Thoughts on the book:

For anyone that is really questioning who they are  or needing to ask those TOUGH questions, this is a GREAT read.  As a person that has gone through this process herself, this book was a great reminder of the process of finding oneself. Jenny wasn’t afraid of asking the tough questions allowing each of us to really think about who we are as a person, and what drives us to begin with.

For more information about, “Do You Have the Courage to Be You,” check out Amazon:

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