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A Visit to Crater Lake National Park!

Posted by on July 29, 2015

Growing up in Minnesota, the land of 10,000 Lakes, means one thing: I feel most like myself when I am surrounded by a body of water.  Of course, it can’t be ANY body of water, but a LAKE.  There’s nothing like a lake that gives you a sense of relaxation, hope for the future and calmness to soothe you (at least for me!)

So, when we knew we were headed to Oregon this summer, I knew, there was ONE place we had to stop off at: Crater Lake National Park.


This beautiful national park is pretty extraordinary.  You will NEVER see Water this blue, and to think, this LAKE all came to be from a Volcanic Explosion many many many years ago.  The explosion erupted so that it fell in, and over the years, rain, and snowmelt filled up the basin to CREATE this sensational lake.  High cliffs surround  the lake making it difficult for many people to get down to the waters, therefore, keeping the water as blue as it is.

Located about a Hour and a Half North East of the Ashland/Medford Area of Southern Oregon.

It is incredible to see in person:


A drive around the lake will take you across 33 miles, but there are many viewpoints along the way to make it your own adventure.  Spend the day hiking, taking photographs from all different vantage points, or find a great picnic spot.

During the winter months, the park does fill up with Snow, and often times, seasonal roads will close down starting as early as Mid-October and last through June.  Other GREAT useful tips can be found here.

There are 2 Camping Sites located within Crater Lake National Park:

Mazama Campground: Open June through September.


It is an entire village at the South End of the lake.  A general store is located on the grounds making it convenient if you’ve forgotten something.

More info:

Mazama Campground has approximately 200 forested sites. Running water, flush toilets, bear lockers, picnic tables, and fire rings are provided. Collecting of dead and downed wood is allowed for campfires within fire rings. A range of site sizes are available; tent to RV lengths. A few sites have hook-ups for RVs. Dump station is available Sites can accommodate up to 8 people and 2 vehicles. Reservations can be made calling 1-888-774-2728 or on-line. Around busy, holiday and vacation weekends, reservations are recommended. Check-in starts at noon. The campground is a 7 mile drive from Rim Village, the closest place to view of Crater Lake.

Lost Creek Campground:

Lost Creek Campground is usually open mid-July through early October, weather permitting. It is a 16 site, first come, first serve campground run by the National Park Service. The campground is tents only with a $10 per night fee, paid through self registration.

Fees to the park are:

Car – $15.00 (7 day pass)
Motorcycles, bicycles &pedestrians – $10.00 per person (7 day pass)

Commercial Vehicles:

  • Capacity of 1 to 6 individuals – $25.00 + passenger fee ($5.00)
  • Capacity of 7 to 15 individuals – $75.00
  • Capacity of 16 to 25 individuals – $100.00
  • Capacity of 26 or more individual – $200.00

Just in case you need a little more inspiration to visit:




Crater Lake National Park is truly worth a visit.  We had a GREAT time during our visit, and hope to go back one day in the future.

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