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Take BREAKFAST to a WHOLE New Level!

Posted by on August 9, 2015

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Plenti Yogurt.  All opinions are my own. 


I am OBSESSED with trying out new yogurt varietals.  So, when Plenti came out, I was, at first, curious.  Oats already in the Yogurt?  I was a bit intrigued.

Upon first hearing of the product I was a bit skeptical.  Would the oats be a little soggy?  When it came time to open the first lid I was also skeptical: Were the oats ALL at the top or were they mixed inside the yogurt already:


But, I loved the flavor options:




Black Cherry




Spiced Apple

In my local Raleys, they had 3 of the varieties available: Blueberry, Strawberry, and Vanilla.  And even better, they were on sale for 10/10.00 dollars.

Once I opened the lid, this is what was waiting inside:


The Oats WERE already mixed inside.  And to be honest, this yogurt left me a bit more full after eating with the Oats inside.  The oats weren’t overwhelming, and didn’t take away from the flavor of the yogurt at all.  For a person like me, on the go, EXACTLY what I need, for a little extra meal boost, especially in the MORNING when I never give myself enough time to get ready, and am rushing out the door.  Breakfast is the most IMPORTANT meal of the day, after all.


Even on the days when there’s a bit more time for BREAKFAST, adding in a Plenti yogurt is a GREAT tie in.  Sundays, I tend to go all out for breakfast, or, in my case, brunch.  The combination of my favorite sweets, fruits, and yogurt all come together.  The perfect way to start out a weekend day.

Curious about #PlentiYogurt?  Be sure to visit their site and also follow them on Instagram for inspiration. Join the #LandofPlenti Movement.


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