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What Happens at a Wine and Painting Night with Pinot’s Palette?

Posted by on September 3, 2015

Disclosure: I was invited out to Pinot’s Palette in Alameda for a night of fun, wine, and panting! This is my story and opinions.

Ever since I first heard about those Wine and Painting nights I’ve been so, so curious as to how they worked, and how everyone’s painting that went always turned out so good.

I had questions on whether or not I could actually paint, if I even had talent for painting, and how close my picture would come out to the painting example.


When I was invited out to Pinot’s Palette, their newest location that just opened in Alameda, CA at South Shore Center, I jumped at the chance to go through this experience.

And this is WHAT I found out:

When you first walk into the studio space, you walk into a wall of blank canvasses with a variety of past and future paintings showcased on the walls.


You are instantly drawn to the beautiful Wine Tasting Bar where you can order a glass or bottle of wine for the evenings festivities. One of the artists that teaches the paintings painted the beautiful scene across the wine bar.


And, once you get to your seat and canvas, your name is written out for you, and a plethora of paintbrushes await you.


Get inspired by the various paintings showcased across the studio space, or sign up for your next painting class.


And then class begins… the painting you sign up for is, indeed, the painting you’ll be working on that evening… Our painting for the evening was, “Canoe’s Kiss.” The original piece of art can be found here:


The artist (a local artist within the area is 1 of 4 that help teach classes at Pinot’s Palette) will then walk the class through the steps to accomplishing the painting set before them…

You watch as your painting unfolds through the various steps…


The very beginning process of the painting. Here we started with painting the canvas completely yellow then adding in the horizon line, the sun, its reflection and the beginning of soon to be trees!

treesAnd then we added in the trees…

Part of the fun of the whole process was looking around the room to see the different variations of the same painting.  I noticed, in the beginning, I was very strict in following directions to a tee, but, by the end, I was comfortable enough with the paints, and the painting to add in a few more touches to make the painting my own.


3 Paintings, 3 different variations.  See what I mean?

And then, of course, the final result:


And the comparison:


Needless to say, I was pretty happy with how it came out.  And I SO LOVE my TREE!  Hah.  Here’s to hoping you’ll find the inner artist in you.

Even if you have no painting experience (trust me, I don’t!) it can be done.

Pinot’s Palette is a GREAT place for a Girlfriend’s Night Out, a Bachelorette Party, or even a Date Night!!! They have painting nights that cater to ALL those.

For more information about Pinot’s Palette please visit their Website.… this is something I’ll definitely be doing again.



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