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7 Unique Experiences at the Mall of America!

Posted by on June 26, 2016

Disclosure: The Mall of America was Host to this year’s TBEX North America.  All Opinions are my own, and lets be honest, I grew up on this mall.

Mall of America

During my teenage years, the Mall of America was my playground.  It was the place I would head to after school, and shop.  It’d also be the place I’d hang out, on good days and bad, but, for me, it was my place.

I remember the excitement that came as the Mall of America was being built, and the excitement with it BEING the largest Mall across the United States.  The fact that there was a complete amusement park inside the Mall was exciting.

And then, I remember walking through the mall for my very first time.  It was INCREDIBLE.  Going down the Log Chute ride for my very first time, and watching other ride goers on their rides from the 3rd Floor Food Court was always a favorite of mine.

The incredible creations coming out of Legoland, and watching stores come in and out of the mall.  Over the years I’ve seen the mall go through a lot of transformations.

Every time I visit home, I make sure to stop into the Mall of America just to see the changes happening at the Mall.  This year’s past visit was HUGE for me, as the mall has added on connecting Hotels: Radisson Blu and the JW Marriott.  And seeing the differences in the 3rd Floor Food Courts, adding even more unique dining options to the mall.  These changes were noticed, and the Mall of America has been staying ahead of the times.

With that being said, for those that aren’t local to Minnesota, may not realize ALL of the UNIQUE experiences that the Mall of America has to offer, so I’d thought I’d put together a list of some of my favorites: That is, if you’re looking to do something a bit more than just shopping!

  1. Nickelodeon Universe


The indoor amusement park that sits prime and center at the Mall of America.  A huge reason why the Mall of America is such a GREAT option for families of all kinds.  From the Log Chute Ride, to 2 Rollercoasters, to the newly opened FlyOver America, that puts you inside a 3D Flyover experience across America.

Flyover-America-Mall-of-AmericaDuring the ride, scents of what you fly by come through along with occasionally being sprayed with Mist as you fly through Clouds or by Water.

2. Crayola Experience


Just newly opened this past May.  The Crayola Experience offers a hands on experience for families.  With over 25 different hands on activities to experience: Name and wrap your own crayon, star in a coloring page, bring your art to life in 4-D and so much more!

Hours: Monday-Sunday: 10am-7pm

Regular admission: 19.99

3) American Girl Store and Cafe


Another GREAT activity for families is, of course, the American Girl Store and Cafe.  For those with young ones that love dolls, the American Girl Store is a dream come true.  All of the American Girl Classics are there to choose from, and of course, all the outfits that go with them.

And then spend an afternoon at the American Girl Cafe to make it a DREAM come true!

4) A.C.E.S Flight Stimulation


A.C.E.S was always a favorite amongst my guy friends growing up.  A.C.E.S is a real life Flight Stimulator station that is right at the Mall of America. Grab your buddies, and make your Top Gun dream a reality.

Fly legendary WWII Fighters like the P-51 Mustang, F4U Corsair and the Supermarine Spitfire. Choose from over 250 WWII fighters! Fly air combat against your buddies in gut-wrenching dogfights that let you relive WWII history and make some of your own!

5) SeaLife Aquarium

Probably one of my favorite features about the Mall of America is when they decided to add in their own Underwater Aquarium.  BUT, what is so surprising, is HOW much they’ve added into this aquarium, and really, if planning a visit to the Mall of America, a visit here should definitely be on your list.


From the touch and feel Stingray Station, to the Shark Tunnel, to just browsing through all of the beautiful fish found all around the Aquarium, there is something for everyone here.

The Sealife Aquarium even offers Behind the Scene Tours, and yes, EVEN has Snorkeling and Diving Experiences available for their guests.

Of course, my favorite part of the Aquarium is walking through the shark tunnel:


6) Vom Fass


If, you, in any way, have gotten into home distillery, love whiskey, and are just a hard core foodie, or have a passion to become your own Mixologist, then you must stop into Vom Fass at the Mall of America.

Vom Fass has locations across the world, over 250 actually, but the Mall of America is lucky enough to be home to one.

Vom Fass offers the finest in Oils, Vinegar, Fine Spirits and Liqueurs.  They even OFFER classes to offer even more up close experiences.  One such class is their Whiskey Tasting Class that walks you through whiskey tasting, as I’ve never done this before, I was blown away by all of the senses that whiskey affects.  It truly IS an experience.

7) Radisson Blu/JW Marriott Mall of America Hotels

In just the past few years, 2 hotels have actually been added onto the Mall of America.  The first, Radisson Blu, and the second, the JW Marriott.  And yes, they connect directly into the Mall of America making it super convenient for a fun weekend getaway, or even staycation for those that reside in the Twin Cities area.

And trust me, both HOTELS are exquisite.

Inside the Radisson Blu hotel: Mall of America


The rooms are decorated with Musical Icons, and famous places found around the Twin Cities area.

So yes, the Mall of America truly does HAVE something for everyone, and it truly is a GREAT family destination.  So if you have not been, it’s a must for your Travel Bucket List to experience at least once in your life. BUT, plan at least a couple of days to experience a bit of everything that this mall has to offer.  It does have 4 floors, and there’s no way to get to all of it in just one day!



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