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Our Annual Camping Tradition!

Posted by on July 6, 2017


When we moved to Northern California nearly 4 years ago, my other half started a new tradition with his cousins for his birthday!  Every year, we’d pick a weekend near his birthday to go camping!

We often times will go on our own a few times throughout the summer, but for the most part, this was the BIG WEEKEND TRADITION that has stuck, and we all look forward to each year.

With that being said, there are always a few camping essentials we need to bring with us each year:

  1. Extra Blankets

See above: That Picnic blanket has been a camping savior!  For placing outside our tent for when we go in and out of each night and/or morning.  Keeps all the dirt out of the tent.  BUT also, if you want to go to the nearby beach or lake, it’s easy to transport with you for laying around

2) Camping Pans


We have certain pans that we only use for camping!  They’re essential for us! But they’re also made for camping, and placing over the campfire grills!

 3) Toilet Paper


Lets be honest? It’s always a good idea to have this on hand.  Whether you’re hiking in the woods, by the lake, on a RV or Boat, it’s easy to store, and convenient when on the go! It’s also versatile.  Scott’s Rapid Dissolve was designed specifically for RV and Boats, and camping!  Also perfect for easy cleanup!

If you head to Amazon, there’s a GREAT deal where you can purchase a bundle of Scott’s Rapid Dissolve Toilet Paper and SAVE 2.00.  If you purchase through amazon prime, you’ll have it within 2 days!

4) Water Toys

It’s kind of a rule when we go camping, we have to be near water! Whether it’s for boating, swimming, or rafting, we always must bring out water toys with us!

5) Sunscreen

And the most important thing to remember: the sunscreen! When camping, you know you’re out in the outdoors! It’s always important to keep that skin protected!

What are some of your must camping essentials?


Our cat got into the Toilet Paper as we were packing up for camping this past July 4th weekend!


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