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An Introduction to Garnacha and Grenache Wines!

Posted by on September 26, 2017


Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Wines of Garnacha.  All opinions are my own.

I was first introduced to Grenache Wine down in Central California, where they were known for being utilized in GSM Blends.  However, as I’ve soon found out: this wine varietal can STAND well on its own.

And thanks to its origins within Roussillon, France and Eastern Spain, we are truly beginning to see the beauty of this Grape Varietal.  The beauty in how complex, well-balanced and drinkable this grape varietal can be! In Europe, the varietal is well known as Garnacha, in the US, we recognize the grape varietal as Grenache.  And in Europe, especially in its origins, this grape varietal is producing off of 50 to 80 year old vines.  In other words, winemakers are getting innovative with this old vine grape varietal!

First, before we go further, lets talk about the Origins more in depth:

Spain: Wines of Garnacha

About: The Asociación para la Promoción del Vino de Garnacha/Garnacha Origen (Garnacha Origen) regroups 5 Spanish Protected Designations of Origin (Somontano, Terra Alta, Cariñena, Calatayud and Campo de Borja) and key stakeholders. Stakeholders include individual producers; agricultural research institutes, such as CITA (Agrifood Research and Technology Centre of Aragon) and public organizations (such as AREX – Aragón’s Foreign Trade and Invest Agency). Founded in 2014, its mission is to promote PDO Garnacha-based quality wines and it is the largest Garnacha wines promotion conglomerate in Spain and the EU. All of the wines promoted by the Garnacha Origen are monovarietal Garnacha wines (>85% of their content, according to European rules) and follow PDO regulations.

France: Roussillon

About: The Conseil Interprofessionnel des Vins du Roussillon (CIVR) is the umbrella trade organization for the region’s 14 PDO and 3 PGI wines, working hand-in-hand with the producers, vintners and unions to promote the wines of Roussillon in France and abroad and to maintain strict quality controls through innovation and research. The CIVR’s mission is to educate professionals around the world on the region’s geography, microclimates, terroirs and wines, as well as the region’s history, which still strongly influences the region’s wine culture today. Shaped like an amphitheater and nestled in the South of France between Spain, the Mediterranean Sea, the Albères, the Pyrenees and the Corbières Mountains, Roussillon is known for its diversity of wines and terroirs. The region’s unique geology and microclimates allow each of the 25 authorized grape varieties to reach its fullest expression in this varied topography.

I recently had the opportunity to taste through some of these wines, and CAN NOT wait to share my thoughts with you:

2015 Les Vignes de Bila-Haut:

Designation: Vins du Rousillon:

Grape Varietal: White Garnacha

Retail Value: 11 Dollars

Thoughts: On the nose, notes of citrus come through.  As you taste those citrus notes stay around engulfing every last drop of the wine.  A very well-balanced White Garnacha wine.

Food Pairing Recommendations: White Fish with Lemon, Salads, and Barbeques.  This is a GREAT summer wine.

Rivesaltes: Appellation Rivesaltes Protegee.

Designation: Vins du Roussillon

Grape Varietal: 100% White Grenache

About:  Rivesaltes Sweet Wines have been produced for over 750 years in the Rousillon Region of France. This Fortified Sweet Wine was aged in barrels for 6 years giving all its elegance and unique characteristics!

Thoughts: On the Nose: Sweetness carries through but pick up notes of Fig, and Honey.  Definitely high alcohol content at 17.5, but for a fortified sweet wine, that is to be expected.

This wine would be great for a beginning appetizer such as dried fruits and cheeses, and anything salty!

2013 ClosDalian Garnacha Crianza

Designation: Terra Alta

Retail Value: 9.99

Grape Varietal: Red Garnacha

Thoughts: Aroma of Red Fruits and Cherry aromas.  When drinking, quite the meaty, balanced and well structured wine!  Quite enjoyable!

Particular Garnacha Old Vine: 2013

Designation: Carinena

Grape Varietal: Red Garnacha

Retail: 9.99

About: This special wine comes from the Old Vines and is made from the Queen of the Vines, in a designated area of the vineyard just for this wine that highlights the stony soil and the climatological conditions in which vineyards grow!

Thoughts: Very unique wine that will pleasantly surprise you!  That is ALL I’m going to say.  Definitely worth a try!

2015 Lechuza Garnacha

Designation: Carinena

Grape Varietal: Red Garnacha

Retail: 11 Dollars

Thoughts? Scents of blueberry, but upon taste, met with notes of Blackberry and Wild Strawberry!  A great Red wine to enjoy over a meaty dinner or barbeque.


What I’ve learned?  The great VALUE in these wines, and how affordable they are for the everyday consumer!  These are GREAT wines to enjoy with dinner, for a summer cool down (white grenache) or over a barbeque!  Feeling inspired yet?



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