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I’m Back!!

Posted by on June 3, 2019

After taking a Year off from Writing and Blogging, I’ve decided, it’s time, to get back to it!  I’m on Vacation this week, and the past few weeks I’ve been deciding whether or not to start again!

I’ve realized the entire reason I started this blog in the first place was that it was a place to share my creativity, my passions of writing, photography, and fun places to visit… and sure enough, I realized, this is EXACTLY why I blog..

But not only that to share my new discoveries with the rest of the world, in hopes, that perhaps, I’ve inspired at least one of you to visit a place, pick up a camera, or get inspired by wine tasting…

So, I’m back.  A year ago, I moved from Sonoma County over the Mountain to Lake County, one of the first posts I’ll be writing will be about some of my favorite Hidden Gems of Lake County, granted, I haven’t found all of them.  I’ll also be writing about the Wineries and Tasting Rooms around Lake County, because, lets be honest, a lot of you don’t come out this far to wine taste, but from my discoveries there’s some real gems out here, and I’ve fallen in love with Lake County!  So I’ll definitely be sharing…

In the meantime: enjoy photos of my donuts from Dirty Girl Donuts, just my favorite donut shop I frequent ALL the time out here:

And a photo from Boatique Winery, from this past spring, when they had an event where you could pick your own tulip bouquet from their own garden grown tulips out back at their winery space:

I’m not sure how often I’ll be updating the blog, but I PROMISE I am getting back to it.  If you’re curious about anything in relation to Lake County, Napa Valley or Sonoma County, let me know, because lets be honest, I’m here to be your guide, and give recommendations…

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