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Chobani Yogurt

Posted by on January 13, 2012

For years I was a dairy frozen manager at a grocery store.  I loved looking at the new kinds of yogurts that came in each day.  The first time GREEK yogurt came to my department, I had no idea what it was.

But it started to sell.  I then went on to a different department, but every day for break I’d stop to pick up my yogurt.  That’s when I first noticed Chobani Yogurt.  Another Greek Style yogurt.

The first thing that grabs my attention about Chobani is the packaging.  It’s not packaged like other yogurts.  The logo and the colors grab your attention.  Your curiousity gets the best of you.  So I picked one up to try it out.

Greek Yogurt is a lot thicker than regular yogurt.  To me, Chobani yogurt tasted smooth, sweet, and wonderful.  I was hooked and have been a fan since.  I don’t buy yogurt too often but when I do, I always make sure to pick up Chobani.

Direct from Chobani yogurt’s website, this is what makes Chobani different from all the rest:

This unique straining process is what makes Chobani “Greek” and full of flavor and health benefits:
·      Only natural ingredients. No preservatives. No artificial flavors.
·      Free of synthetic growth hormones: No rBST-treated milk.
·      Includes 5 live & active cultures, including 3 probiotics.
·      Made with real fruit.
·      Twice the protein of regular yogurts.
·      A good source of bone-building calcium.
·      Gluten-Free and Kosher-Certified.
·      Safe for people with corn, nut and soy allergies.

The above makes me love Chobani even more just because I realize how healthy and natural the process of creating it truly is.

Have you tried Chobani Yogurt?  What are your thoughts on it?

The above post was written out of my own free will.  I have always loved Chobani Greek Yogurt so I wanted to share my love with everyone else.  For more information and fun recipes please check out their website:



7 Responses to Chobani Yogurt

  1. Amanda

    My mother is obsessed with it. I just had it for the first time not too long ago I love the consistency. I am a huge fan of sour cream and it has the same texture I found. I love it. I like vanilla and strawberry. My mother LOVES the honey one

  2. Lindsay @ Chobani

    Hi, Jamie! What a fantastic read 🙂 Isn’t greek yogurt great? Which is your favorite flavor of Chobani? Our newest flavors, Apple Cinnamon, Passion Fruit and Blood Orange are just hitting shelves now! And, our creamy cups (plain especially!) are perfect in cooking & baking tasty (& healthy!) treats. is a great start for some recipe inspiration! Happy spooning, and please do email me if you ever need a fresh supply!

  3. Nichole

    I’ve yet to try any greek yogurts! And I type this as I watch my 2 y/o snacking on a cup of yogurt.

  4. Alexis Grace

    I really love greek yogurt…. I am very fond of the Fage brand (0% fat)!

  5. Eternal*Voyageur (Venusian*Glow)

    Sounds delicious! Must say I’ve never tried Greek yoghurt yet.

  6. Debbie Goldberg

    I love this yogurt, too! It’s fun to cook with, as well.

  7. Alexandria

    I love Greek yogurt! But you know what? I’m not sure if I have ever had this brand! Now I’m craving yogurt 🙂

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