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About MN Girl in the World

Who is MN Girl in the World?

Jamie Gall was born and raised in Minnesota.  She will always have her Midwest roots ingrained in her, but her heart was made for California.  The sunshine, the creative energy, and her love for wine and art makes her fit right in.  She moved here over 7 years ago first starting in Los Angeles then moving up to Northern California (Sonoma County) almost 4 year ago placing her right in the heart of Wine Country, also being an hour outside of San Francisco and Sacramento, truly, the best of all worlds.  She also has a significant other that she calls her SO on her blog and two fur babies known as her lovely cats that she frequently talks about (one is a brand new kitteh!)


Jamie has a deep passion for wine, and must admit, loves being so close to MANY MANY wineries.  She loves wine, but more importantly, she loves hearing the winemaker’s story and how they came to be.  She found her love of wine while residing in California.  It started with one walk in a grocery store.  In Minnesota, Grocery stores aren’t allowed to sell alcohol above 3.2 so when she walked into her first grocery store in California, and saw the aisle completely dedicated to wine, she asked, “what’s this?”  She began discovering different wines to take home.  Then one day it dawned on her, she can just visit a winery.   From her first visit in Temecula, it unleashed a passion in her to discover all that California has to offer.  It’s a goal of hers to reach all the California Wine Regions, and then begin to discover all the wine regions across the US and eventually cross to other countries.  Needless to say, it’s unleashed a lifelong passion and dream of hers.


Jamie also has a deep love for food.  This truly started when she moved to California, and began to try new foods for the first time.  Since moving to California she has tried Lobster, Oysters, Snails, Squid, Octopus, and so many other seafood items that she never had the courage to try while in Minnesota.  BUT more importantly, she will often get in the kitchen herself, mostly baking, to cultivate new recipes and dishes.  She is a HUGE sweet tooth, and of course, loves trying out new food products as they get released to the public for the first time too (she has an extensive background in Grocery Retail) and could probably do all your grocery shopping for you in under 20 minutes.


And if you’ve been following the adventures of this blog you also know Jamie has a deep love of Exploration.  With California being so new to her she’s always out and about exploring the next BIG thing whether through a festival, fun event, museum, or new travel destination that needs to be discovered, this is TRULY what drives her and her blog as she shares these finds with the rest of the world.  Exactly the reason why “Minnesota Girl in the World” suits her so well. Jamie is open to working with PR Companies and Brands to help promote your products, services, and events.  She is also very open to being invited on event Press Trips.  For further information please feel free to contact her at:  And for you loyal readers, make sure to subscribe to her blog on the right hand sidebar, and also give a like to her Facebook page.  And follow her pictures on Instagram.

Some of her favorite posts include:


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The Time she did a “Summer in the Vineyards” series. She will often visit a winery and talk about the experience, and sometimes she’s invited.  Hall Wines.


From Restaurants: Dave & Buster’s To Recipes: Thin Mint Ice Box Cake

This blog is her little slice of heaven focusing on all the topics she has a deep passion for: Wine, Travel, and Food!


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