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About MN Girl in the World

Who is MN Girl in the World?

Jamie was born and raised in Minnesota.  She will always have her midwest roots ingrained in her, but her heart was made for California.  The sunshine, the creative energy, and her love for wine and art makes her fit right in.  She’s been here two years, has discovered her love for writing, photography, travel and wine, and now she wants to share it all with you.

Jamie has a deep passion for wine, and is super excited to being moving to the beautiful town of Sonoma.  She loves wine, but more importantly, she loves hearing the winemaker’s story and how they came to be.  From the vineyards, to the growing, to the different regions of the world, she loves to learn, research, and cultivate information for others.

Jamie is also a hobbyist photographer.  When she arrived in California, she took her passion to photography to heart, and was out shooting a ton as she explored every part of LA.  She found a few photography groups to be apart of, and now enjoys sharing with others what she has learned along the way.  She has self taught herself the methods of photography.  She will be the first to admit she doesn’t know everything, but will happily share what she does know.


Jamie also has a deep love for food.  From creating recipes here especially around the holidays to trying out food at local restaurants, menu changes, and getting to know the chefs behind the food, there’s a deep love there.  She loves tasting, attending grand openings, and just experiencing food, including food products.  She loves trying out new food products as they hit the market.


And if you’ve been following the adventures of this blog you also know Jamie has a deep love for festivals.  Always looking for the next fun event to see, or to partake in, this is what she does.  From listing weekly events on the “Events in Wine Country” tab to attending local festivals.  She also loves helping to get the word out about those events and allowing an opportunity for her readers to attend, as well.

And last but not least Jamie has a deep love for travel.  From being a localite and exploring as much as she can in the big city of Los Angeles to venturing off to amazing places in and around California, and very much the reason why “MN Girl in the World” suits her so well.  She’s out in the world experiencing life especially through the eyes of her camera.

Jamie is open to working with PR Companies and Brands to help promote your products, services, and events.  She is also very open to being invited on event Press Trips.  For further information please feel free to contact her at:

And for you loyal readers, make sure to subscribe to her blog on the right hand sidebar, and also give a like to her Facebook page.  And follow her pictures on Instagram.


22 Responses to About MN Girl in the World

  1. kavenson

    I am a southern california gril transplanted in minnesota. i grew up in huntington beach and now love in the western suburbs. it has been a long time — but i still yearn for california.

    • Jamie

      California would be a tough place to leave, that’s for sure =)

    • Cafe Pasadena

      Kavenson: just wundering what led to your move from CA to MN?

      • Jamie

        You mean my move from MN to CA? =) Well, I wanted to get away from the snow, but the honest truth is that a guy led me here. CA was never on my map of places to move to, I was actually looking to go East (South Carolina) but fate stepped in. =) And I do love it out here!

  2. Victoria

    Hi Jamie, it’s so nice to stop here again. By the way, I love your cover photo. I always wonder why people choose to move… just because they want to or if it was an employment reason. Even with a good fit, I wonder if I would have the courage to change my location, for that reason. I find that courageous. I look forward to following your journey!

    • Jamie

      Victoria, Thanks so much for stopping by =) Email me sometime and I can tell you the whole story as to why I moved.

      But, it’s the best decision I ever made for myself!

  3. Lori McLain

    Hi there…I am a hoosier…transplated to Denton, Texas….WAY hotter than Indiana :0) I miss pork tenderloin sandwiches, spanish hot dogs and rhubarb most of all :0) I saw the stonefire giveaway…and sure don’t want to miss that…LIKE you FB…mow off to twitter :0) Love your California pix !

    • Jamie

      Thanks for leaving a comment Lori, I appreciate it =) Ohh, I can only imagine the heat in Texas.. a few weeks ago I took a girls trip to Arizona, and temps were in the hundreds, I can’t handle that ;)

  4. Shkurte

    I am a southern crnifoalia gril transplanted in minnesota. i grew up in huntington beach and now love in the western suburbs. it has been a long time but i still yearn for crnifoalia.

  5. Miz Meliz

    I love the “new” sorry – it may have been awhile since I visited on an actual pc and not my phone – looks of your site! Very cool!

  6. Krissy

    I randomly stumbled upon this in my search for “MN favorite sald.” I am from MN and made the move to Orange Coubty 13 years ago. Best decision of my life! A fellow MN transplant and I are hosting a dinner and decided to introduce our friends to some MN favorites… Tater tot hot dish, taco dip, pop, etc. I was looking for a salad to go with the theme and since I’ve been away so long my MN brain was a bit rusty and I had to Google. Enjoy CA and good luck to you! :)

    • Jamie

      Ahhh, loved hearing your story. It’s great out here, isn’t it? =) Now there’s an idea, a night of MN dishes for my CA friends!

  7. MaryAnne

    Hi Jamie! I enjoyed reading some of your posts! So nice to meet you at the Angels game. Hope to see you again! –MaryAnne :-)

    • Jamie

      Thanks for stopping by MaryAnne! I’m glad you enjoyed some of your posts. =) Which reminds me I need to check out your podcasts!

  8. Rocky V

    Hi! Jamie, it’s been a long time since we went out for a photo shoot. It’s nice to see that you’re making your self very busy. you know what they say busy hands and happy hands. Miss your company, I enjoy your Flickr upload, Hope to join you again in one of the meet-up group, missed you on the last LA inc, photo tour. keep on shooting

  9. sondra

    I’m a Minnesota girl as well, living in San Diego now for about 14 years. I always miss the seasons this time of year and winter, especially. Good thing we live close enough to the mountains!

    • Jamie

      I learned something new about you =) I guess I just want to keep that “Minnesota Girl” in me no matter where I end up in life… Fall is the hardest for me…. (my article today related to photo shoot ideas was hard to write ;)) lol

  10. Elle - SeeMomWork

    I’ve lived in Orange County for almost 13 years and before that Las Vegas. I’m originally from the Pacific Northwest and I still get homesick for home. I think even Minneapolis sounds heavenly at this point. I just crave a change of scenery and seasons and people. I’m not looking forward to the summer heat. But oh well. ..I’m getting good at finding the fun, outdoorsy things that I love to do.

    “All work and no play makes mommy a disgruntled chick.”

    • Jamie

      I think where we are born and raised resonates within us and we carry it through. A huge reason why I wanted to keep the ‘Minnesota Girl’ in me for all to see.

      But yes, being in a place for such a long time, I completely understand the restlessness that can come from it. That’s when I find somewhere new to explore completely. =)

  11. Vaclav Ruzicka

    Jamie, hello! I live in Arizona, and am planning the move to Monterey some time in the next 1-2 years! I am just tired of the blazing hot summers and am ready for four enjoyable seasons! You sure are pretty! Anyway, enjoyed your pics, especially Moss Landing. I will be in Monterey for six days at the end of May (for my June 1st birthday!) and will have a car, so I may just have to take the 20 minute drive up there! Thanks, and have a great one!


    • Jamie

      You’re moving to a very very beautiful area =) Yes, you will have plenty of time to explore, but spend some time in Moss Landing. Very fun place.

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