WoodenShoe Tulip Farm – Woodburn, Oregon

It was a little over 3 Years ago when i discovered WoodenShoe Tulip Farm in Oregon. I relentlessly followed them on Instagram (@woodenshoefarm). I discovered them after I visited a small Tulip field at a nearby winery in my community!

My love of Tulips was growing more and more. When I discovered Woodenshoe, I was enarmored by the beauty of the flowers, the colors, and as a fan of photography, the idea of creating beautiful photos.

The Tulip Farm season is just 1 short Month, so you have to plan a trip around it. I had every intention of making the trip in 2020, however, COVID, so this year, in 2021, as things were beginning to open up. I had become fully vaccinated, I was ready to get out of California for a bit, and needed a road trip.

That’s when I remembered Woodenshoe Tulip Farm, and had to make my plans: We booked a few nights at the Oregon Garden Resort in Silverton, Oregon, which was just about 15-20 minutes away from the Woodenshoe Tulip Farm. This year, because of COVID, we had to pre-purchase our tickets ($15 a piece for the day, select our designated time and day) and then made our trip happen.

I’m so glad I did: These were just some of the photos taken:

This was my favorite photo of the day. We got to the Tulip Farm around 11am on a Thursday morning. The clouds were right above, and the blue skies were just around the corner. This image caught the beauty of the flowers, the blue sky along with the clouds.

It was my goal to capture a Tulip with Raindrops on it. I think I fared pretty well here!

Capturing David in the element! Tractor Trailer, Red Tulips, and the fields surrounding him!

WoodenShoe Tulip Farm in Woodburn, Oregon

This was just a small sample of the some of the GREAT photos captured that day, but I wanted to give you guys an idea of what you can create at a Tulip Field or Flower field, in general! It was such a great outing and something I’d do again, in a heartbeat!

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2020 Word of the Year

Happy Last day of the Decade. Happy last day of the year! Happy end to 2019!

With that being said, I’m looking forward to 2020 and that means picking a new word for the year.

This year’s word is….


Yep folks. This is the year of Happy. Being happy with myself. Finding what makes me Happy. Not being afraid to make changes, if needed. So let’s get this year started!

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A Chorus Line Comes to Broadway Under the Stars!

A Chorus Line

If you have been following Transcendence Theatre Company for the past few years, you know, every summer, they come out to Jack London State Park and create incredible magic. Amy Miller, artistic director of Transcendence Theatre Company, and the team has officially coined this special place, “Their Field of Dreams.” And if you have never been, there is no time like the present. As each performer has been apart of Broadway Shows throughout their career, and each summer, they put that on hold, to come to Sonoma to perform Broadway Under the Stars. They do this, because, they truly believe in what is happening here, but also, because, they truly love it.

When Amy Miller first thought of the idea in 2007, it was just the beginning. In 2009 with a group of aspiring performers and artists down in Mexico, it was there, under an experiment where the fundamentals of the idea bloomed. And from there, they went on a cross country journey to find WHERE this magic and dream could happen. That’s when they discovered Sonoma County, but more so, the beauty of Jack London State Park.

If anyone knows the history of Jack London State Park, you may also know that the combination of Transcendence Theatre Company and this park was Serendipity. And to this day, their partnership with the park has helped to keep the park open for many to enjoy year round!

2019 marks Transcendence Theatre Company’s 8th Season in Sonoma County, and performances at Jack London State Park. Whenever I think of Broadway Under the Stars, I consider it, a night of magic, but for Amy Miller, as she begins every show with the phrase, “Are you Ready for the Best Night Ever?” Because truly, it is always a night worth remembering.

Food Trucks at Broadway Under the Stars

You begin the evening pre-picnicking in the park before the show begins. Yes, you can bring food inside the park to enjoy. But, just in case you forget, there’s plenty of food trucks around the park to take away those hunger pangs. There’s also a featured winery of the night with other wine vendors available for pouring drinks!

For VIP Lounge Members, get a Dinner in a Box from Girl and the Fig for your preshow picnicking!

New this year for those that have purchased VIP Tickets, Girl and the Fig, with Fig Catering, has put together custom Dinner in the Box sets for you to enjoy preshow. They will automatically deliver for you to the VIP Lounge, and it’ll be there as you enjoy the night with family and friends. The Dinner Boxes are just 50 dollars and serve 2 people with a variety of combinations to choose from. For those with VIP Tickets, keep an eye out for an email showcasing this promotion, and for your opportunity to order. Trust me, it’s worth it! VIP Tickets also include access to the VIP Bubble Lounge where specialty wines are poured each evening of the show, and 2 drink tickets are given complimentary for the evening.

But, as 7pm draws near, volunteers of Transcendence Theatre Company begin ushering those to the show, as each show begins promptly at 7:30pm, and once the show begins, no one is allowed to enter.

For this season is pretty special, as it’s their inaugral performance of a Broadway Musical at Broadway Under the Stars, and that happens to be, “A Chorus Line.” As Amy Miller explained at the beginning of the show, it’s her absolute favorite Broadway Musical, as it’s about real people with real stories. And of course, it was about to be captured in a way that only Transcendence Theatre Company could.

A Chorus Line

And that they have. Throughout the evening I was drawn into the stories, and into the characters, and at times, laughed out loud numerous times throughout the show. There’s not only magic as the sun sets behind the performers, but in what these performers do in bringing out their characters. It was great to see Kristen Piro, as Cassie, Alicia L Albright, as Val Clark, and Natalie Gallo as Diana Morales. Performers who have continually come back to Broadway Under the Stars, but also seeing some newcomers a part of this year’s Broadway Musical such as Royzell D. Walker, who performed as Richie Walters.

A Chorus Line will be performing at Jack London State Park every Friday, Saturday and Sunday evening through June 30.

Other Broadway Under the Stars Summer Performances Include:

Fantastical Family Night: July 19 and 20

Those Dancin’ Feet: August 9-25

The Gala Celebration: September 6-8

For more information and to purchase tickets please head to Broadway Under the Stars.

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