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My NEW Place!

Posted by on October 5, 2011

There’s something refreshing about moving to a new home.  You pack everything up and during the process you donate things or minimize down to the things you’ll really need, or, sometimes, near the end it all ends up in a box and goes with you 😉

But when you get to your new place after the big EXHAUSTING move, the new space becomes your inspiration.  You look around the room and you wonder how you can decorate.  You wonder what things you need to make the space more adaptable and workable for the environment.

You get inspired.  Things, in the past, that you may have taken for granted rejuvenate you now, and you embrace them.  Little annoyances of the old place quickly disappear.  Granted, you will soon find those new annoyances too :0

I don’t know about you but the decorator in me comes out.  I get excited about the new kitchen.  I get excited about the new closet space, or the silliness of extra storage.  I get excited about how to make it your own.

So, when you move to a new place?  What is the one thing you get excited about the most?

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