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Those PESKY Giveaways!

Posted by on December 15, 2011

First, I hope I don’t offend anyone, but as you know, on Thursdays, I like to talk about blogging and my thoughts on issues I’ve seen around the blogosphere.

Last week in my group SoCalLadyBloggers someone mentioned giveaways and how annoying it is to go through so many hoops for one giveaway.

Last night I also meant some fabulous ladies and the topic of giveaways was brought up again.  I just have to write about it!

First off, nothing is MORE fun than winning something.  Giveaways are great, it draws people into your blog, but the true question honestly comes down to this.  Are the people who take the time to read your blogs a consistent following or are they just there to sign up for the giveaways?

I admit, in the beginning, I was the second.  Ooooh, free stuff, sign me up, but now that I am truly beginning to develop relationships with the bloggers around me, I love to check into their blogs.  Sometimes if I see they’re giving something away I’ll sign up, other times I’ll just read about it and see the fun stuff they’re giving away.  They’re working hard for that giveaway.  They talked to the company that is sponsoring the giveaway or if not, they’re paying their own money to make the giveaway happen.

BUT lets get down to business:  What is the purpose of Giveaways?

Remember, we are bloggers, we have a readership, we are INTRODUCING new products to our readers, but when it comes to a giveaway, honestly, it truly comes down to THE Company and the Product that is being given away.

I love when the people show the site of the company or have you connect with the company via twitter or facebook.  I love when bloggers take the time to truly introduce you to the product and to what the company can truly offer you.  Remember, it’s about the company, and the people behind the product more than the product itself.  The company wants promotion, so to have a giveaway and by the end of the blog you don’t even remember the company promoting the product, it’s probably not a GOOD thing.

My other pet peeve when it comes to GIVEAWAYS?

I’m going to say it: RAFFLECOPTER.

Seriously? Why so many hoops to go through?  Why do we have to follow 20 people?  I know, I know, you just have to follow one person or do one thing on the blog in order to be entered, but when I go to a blog and I see a huge list of things to do for one giveaway I quickly jump off the page and say HELL WITH IT.  

I have seen some blogs that use Rafflecopter and they only have 1 or 2 items for you to do.  BTW, to those blogs, I thank you =)

I guess what I’m trying to say is what does blogging mean to you?  Do you want a huge list for people to go through hoops to get to the giveaway or do you honestly want people to remember the company and product that you’re promoting?  And also make it fun for the giveaways?

I love the blogs where you leave a comment on the blog.  There are some really neat things people will say about the product, and when you read through those comments and people haven’t heard of the product before and they’re psyched about it, to me, that’s what BLOGGING is truly about.

Just my thoughts for today.  What are some of yours? =)


16 Responses to Those PESKY Giveaways!

  1. Amanda

    Although I am slowly closing down my magazine one of my biggest and most important rule when dealing with people on giveaways was MAKE IT SIMPLE. I am old school I hate complicated hoops. I had 1 rule YOU MUST COMMENT on the post to win ( usually it was visit the products page and state what you like about it) it if you wanted additional entries then you could tweet, facebook like etc. But KEEP IT SIMPLE more people will enter more people and keeping a simple rule having them look at the product if you don’t win people will buy it if they want it. That was my whole thought process and I loved it made life simpler

    • jamiegall1930

      Simple is the way too go. You add too much it confuses people and frustration settles in 🙂 sorry to hear your’e closing down your mag though 🙁

  2. sidmilb

    As a blogger /. blog reader, I care for people and human stories more than I care for free stuff. Perhaps that’s merely my anti-hoarding-perspective.

    But for you all who lerve the giveaways, you’ve brought up some salient points, MN!

    Happy holidays!

  3. Bibi

    I absolutely agree, I don’t do many giveaways on my blogs and when I do I try to keep it simple and all about the product…..I treat it as a little perk for my readers and not as a way to get followers who never come back after anyway.

    Sometimes I come across a great giveaway I want to enter, but leave after I am asked to complete millions steps and follow tons of people….that just turns me right off.

  4. Mary @ Redo101

    Agree with everything you said – but at my age, I can’t even figure out how to use that Rafflecopter thing, I’m serious. I’ve won a few nice things from blogs I do have a relationship with … and I’ve had two giveaways, one to help draw business to an Etsy shop I love. I’m not sure about the future, but today SITS had a thing to sign up where you can work with product people and get paid … and we are needing extra income in our family to survive.

    On another note, I recently read a blog post that said these are not true giveaways. A giveaway has no strings attached, e.g. follow this, like that. In reality, they are auctions or some other title. I can’t remember who posted that, but I read it with great interest.

    I rarely enter giveaways anymore because, as you said, it’s just too much work. And I’d rather be blogging 🙂


  5. Debbie Goldberg

    I agree. I do giveaways, but I do try to keep it simple. Rafflecopter though – I agree. I’m off the page. Ugh. Takes too long!

  6. Alexandria

    I am completely with you! Blogs that have a million hoops to jump through in order to win a Swiffer are not appealing to me at all. I only participate in giveaways for something I really want that I would buy for myself, I don’t just enter for the sake of it.

    Giveaway do bring a lot of traffic for blogger, but they are also very time consuming to promote.

  7. Allison

    I agree with you. I’ve been to some giveaways where there’s a 12-step list of things to do. Sorry… Can’t do it.
    I can post on twitter, I can leave a comment…but otherwise I’m not doing it. Too much of a hassle for me!
    Thanks for visiting my site!

    • jamiegall1930

      I agree, I like the twitter comments and then of course leaving a comment. It’s about having a conversation, making it interactive more than anything! Thanks for visiting =)

  8. Alexis Grace

    I actually have a giveaway starting on my blog right now…. But I don’t do just any giveaway, I have strict rules:
    1) I only work with well known reputable companies (Puma and Toywatch are past egs)
    2) I only share products that I use myself (For example I wear a toywatch and my workout shoes are Puma— yes these products were gifted to me, but I already was a fan of the products BEFORE the companies contacted me)
    3) I only giveaway products of real value
    4) The primary entry form is always simple (for example today’s giveaway involves leaving a simple comment)— there may be additional steps for “extra” entries, but just to enter I try to keep it super simple

    I do Giveaways as a thank you to my readers and the sponsors contact me because I have extremely loyal readers who trust me not to take advantage of them.

    There are so many giveaways that I find almost offense— 10 steps to enter and then a less than desirable prize. Thanks, I will pass….

  9. Nichole

    I don’t do a ton of giveaways… really they are a lot of work if you want to properly market them. But I have to say when I tried rafflecopter a couple of months ago I really liked it from an administration point of view. They’ve recently changed some things but I plan on trying them again.

    Oh and I usually ever have one “mandatory” entry – like leave a comment and then a few optional entries.

    • jamiegall1930

      RaffleCopter is okay, I think, as long as there’s one or two entries. It’s the ones that have 10 to 20 entries that really throws me off, and I feel is the reason rafflecopter gets such a bad rap =)

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