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FAVE Juice Launching!! #spon

Posted by on May 3, 2012

Have you heard of FAVE Juice? Most likely not because it is expected to hit stores come June.  I had the luxury of trying FAVe Juice when I visited #ExpoWest back in March, and afterwards, they sent me a sample of each flavor.  This juice is great, and let me tell you why:

FAVE really took a deep look at to what the consumer was looking for in their juice:

This information came from the U.S Focus Groups held in late 2010 and early 2011, they asked consumers to describe their “ideal juice beverage”  This is what was found:

1) Contains 100% Juice

2) Contains Full daily servings of vegetables and/or fruit

a) Vegetables are much more important.  I can get the fruit elsewhere

3) Has low calories per serving

4) Is “all natural)

a) no added sweeteners

b) no splenda, stevia, nutrasweet, ace-k, etc

c) no preservatives

5) Great tasting

a) will not drink unless it tastes good

FAVE really took this to heart, and tried to come out with the juice that catered to all these needs.  

In each 8 ounce glass of FAVE:

1) 100% fruit and vegetable juice

2) Three Full Servings of vegetables

*This is more than any other beverage, patented technology*

3) 60 Calories!

Most competitive brands have 110 to 170 calories!

4) All Natural

*no artificial ingredients, no added sweeteners of any kind*

5) Three delicious, refreshing fruit flavors




As you can see above, FAVE really delivered on fulfilling consumer’s “ideal juice.”

I have tried all three flavors, and my personal favorite is the strawberry-banana-kiwi!  I will continue to buy this variety and drink it again and again.  This juice is great for on the go, for sippy cups, and a great alternative to all the sugary juices provided elsewhere.

FAVE offers 3 servings of vegetables in every 8 ounce glass.  V-8 only offers 2 servings per glass.  And when you drink it you definitely can not taste the vegetables in it.  So, please, when FAVE comes out to the stores in June, be sure to pick some out and try it out.

*Disclosure* FAVE Juice sent me a sample of each flavored variety.  The opinions in this article are of my own, but I would recommend this juice to anyone* 


17 Responses to FAVE Juice Launching!! #spon

  1. Maribel Reyes

    I love pomegranate and see they have it in that flavor. I think I am going to have to find some in my area to try out too. 😉

  2. Matthew Smith

    I will definitely pick up some of that in June. Remind me! 😉
    Matthew Smith recently posted..That’s the Sort of Thing I Say

  3. Mr. FaVe

    Thank you for the very nice review! We’re very proud of our brand-new All-Natural 100% juice.

    We will be posting retailers on our website ( and our facebook page ( as they add FaVe. You can also simply ask your local food Store to carry FaVe – they can find information on how via our website.


  4. Martha Giffen

    Appreciate the review. Sounds like you are “sold!”
    Martha Giffen recently posted..Twitter, American Idol, and YOU!

  5. Dale Anne Potter

    Wonder if we’ll see these in Canada?
    THANKS for the review Jamie!
    Dale Anne Potter recently posted..Friday Colour Inspiration #35

    • Jamie

      I asked Mr. Fave directly. Yes, at the end of July, FAVE will be hitting Loblow store’s. It’ll be going into 100 retailers there. There are a ton, so another good way of getting it into your store is by requesting it =) On their site, they have an easy form for you to fill out if you’re interested =)

  6. Debra

    wonder if i can get this in the UK
    Debra recently posted..Is God Enough?

  7. Nisha

    Wow, only 60 calories? That’s so much better than OJ that most people choose in the morning. I wonder if it’s available in the midwest?

    Great review, Jamie – I especially appreciated all the details.
    Nisha recently posted..What To Expect In A Yoga Class For Beginners

  8. Jamie

    He said the website will update on what retailers will be carrying it pretty soon. I’ll let you know when that comes out =)

  9. Helena

    Thanks for the great review Jamie! This sounds exactly what I need, and I’m very glad to see your reply to Dale Anne that it will be available in Canada. I’ll be keeping my eyes open for it.
    Helena recently posted..Build Your Confidence By Discovering Happiness in Your Life

  10. Jennifer

    I like to juice at home, especially because the store-bought ones always contain so much sugar. But, I must admit, you’ve made this one sound good. The emphasis on vegetables is especially important to me. I’ll give it a try!
    Jennifer recently posted..Who Needs A Blog, I’m on Twitter?!

  11. Lisa Birnesser

    Wow, I need to check this out next month. 60 calories is pretty amazing.Thanks for letting everyone know about this new product!

  12. Alexis Grace

    Looks like a good option!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..A Getaway

  13. Nichole

    Sounds like my kind of juice! So not a fan of artificial sweeteners.
    Nichole recently posted..The Digital Family Summit is Coming to Philly

  14. Lisa D.B. Taylor

    Sounds delicious!

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