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Lets TALK Blogging!

Posted by on May 17, 2012

I am no expert, but I’ve been blogging for about 8 months now! Wow, I can’t believe it’s been that long already. =)

I’ve been giving some tips to a couple of friends, and one of the things they’ve asked me is, “how do you build your audience?”

The truth is, your audience fluctuates, but I’d figured I write a blog post about it:

Some ways I have connected with other bloggers and readers:

1) If anyone leaves a comment on your blog, follow back on theirs.  It’s the polite thing to do, and you might connect with someone new.  This is how I found a few of my loyal readers!

2) Join Fellow Blogging Groups.  My favorite group is the So Cal Lady Bloggers, a group of women int he So Cal Region that are all bloggers.  We are a plethora of support to one another, not making this huge blogging world so lonely.

3) Look for twitter parties on twitter.  The next question I get is this, “how do you find them?”  If you see a similar #hashtag keep popping up, it’s a good sign something is happening online at the moment.

4) Stumbleupon: it has brought me in readers.  The cool thing is that a friend of mine from back home told me she was stumbling and my blog actually popped up, and it was a blog post where I even utilized one of her photos.  How even more cool is that?

5) Join Blog Commenting Groups!  This can be done by having discussions with other bloggers.  Through these groups, you commit to visiting each other’s blogs on a daily or every other day basis, and comment on each other’s posts.  It helps a lot!

6) Be Current in your Topics! 

Around the holidays, I notice my cool whip dessert post GETS a ton of hits.  I also noticed my Heart Awareness Eating Habits post blew up in February.  If you work around the trend schedule, you will notice a change in your readership in your blog, and the search engines will love you.  But, work to your own rhythm too 😉

7) Meet Other Bloggers in Person: I love this factor! One, I have a face behind the name, but also, I want to immediately check out their blog.  It is how I’ve found some of my favorites.  And plus,  you may make a new friend!

8) My favorite blogging groups: The Sits Girls, Blogger Comment Club, Blogger Effect,, Blogfrog, all these sites have brought new people to my blog.  Be sure to check them out, and keep an eye out for other upcoming blogging groups.  The blogosphere is so big, it’s hard to know what to join and what  not to join, but sometimes it helps by trial and error 😉

9) Connect on Twitter: You don’t have to be shy on twitter, jump in on a conversation, talk, be yourself, and connections are bound to happen!

10) Stay true to your Blog: Be real, be yourself, and cover the topics you want to cover.  By this, people will connect to you.  Be personal, share yourself, but not too much, and your readers will come.  The last part is to just enjoy it!  =)





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