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A night of the Solar Eclipse!

Posted by on May 27, 2012

Wow, the Solar Eclipse was hard to capture.  In the beginning because of the brightness of the sun all the captures my SO and I could get looked like this:

In the two pictures above the moon was just a small sliver of the sun… but then, as the fogged rolled in more, and the sun appeared smaller and smaller as the moon took over… we were finally able to capture what was happening:

This Solar Eclipse was truly memorable for me because I honestly it’s the first one where I could see the entire thing through.  Back in middle school we were shown how to create the pin hole boxes to protect your eye sight during the solar eclipse, but I don’t actually recall seeing it as it happened.  So, for me, this was my first documented solar eclipse to date.

It is said that this will be the last solar eclipse seen by Los Angeleno’s until 2071!  So I was truly grateful for this experience, although bummed about the fog rolling in, it actually helped in order to capture the eclipse with our camera’s.  It was pretty neat seeing all the high end telescopes that could truly capture the beauty of the eclipse.  But in the end, we’re quite pleased with how we captured it ourselves.

For those that didn’t get to see it this year because of clouds I hope you enjoy my pictures.  The solar eclipse took place on Sunday, May 20th from 5:24pm to 7:43pm PST time.


9 Responses to A night of the Solar Eclipse!

  1. Maribel Reyes

    Wow! your pictures are great! We planned a little too late to find the special viewing glasses so we did not get to see it except a couple of seconds using double sunglasses haha… I remember the first time I saw one in fifth grade I was 10 and a classmate’s dad who worked at the astrology center gave him a pair of special viewing film/glasses so we all got to see it in our class.

    • Jamie

      Ironically my best viewing occurred straight from my camera.. that little hole through the camera was perfect… and the fogged helped tremendously too =) Thanks for commenting!

      It was really tough to capture with a camera…. I learned that fast so was very happy with the results!

  2. Candi

    Thats awesome, I had the glasses so I could see it, but didn’t know how to photograph it.
    Candi recently posted..Whats in my bag?

  3. Anita

    Beautiful photos! I like the last three best!
    Anita recently posted..Leadership and Coping with Change

  4. Olga Hermans

    Yes, that was a spectacular moment; glad you were able to make a great picture….thanks for sharing it with us.
    Olga Hermans recently posted..Life is Not Fair

  5. Nisha

    Your pics with the tree in front are so dramatic! I remember making those pin hole boxes in grade school too. But I also remember not really getting what the big deal was. 🙂
    Nisha recently posted..Sleep Apnea Treatment And Cures

  6. Helena

    Great photos Jamie! That’s so cool that you were able to see and photograph the eclipse!
    Helena recently posted..Negative Thoughts, Positive Talks, and Your Self-Confidence

  7. Lisa Birnesser

    Thank you so much for posting your pictures. I was so excited to read that you were taking these pics! I pinned my favorite. Awesome work as usual!

    • Jamie

      Thank you =) I knew a few of you wanted to see more so that’s why I included a post =) And ooh, I never thought about pinning it so thank you for that!

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