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Pasadena Chalk Festival!

Posted by on June 18, 2012

Over the weekend I attended the Pasadena Chalk Festival.  I also attended last year.  I love seeing the artist’s at work, the progress they make, and how their artwork truly comes out.

Below you can find some of my favorites:

This girl did a tribute of Whitney Houston.  We talked with her a bit asking how she got involved.  She’s been doing it since was 12 years old (13 years ago!)  She says a lot of the artist’s recognize each other at these festivals, and she has gain someone friendships out of them.

She did a beautiful tribute of Whitney Houston.  You can see the entire picture on the floor, and yes, she was able to complete it.

and boy oh boy I wish I could have been there when the question was actually asked.  Further research, as in, the next day, turns out that she did say YES 😉 So congrats to the newest engaged couple, and what a great idea in asking her!

For the dog lovers out there, I took this shot for you 😉

I talked to this artist a bit later in the day.  She’s doing an entire drawing related to “Where the Wild Things Are.”  What she’s working on in this picture is chopping her chalk down to little pieces then she’ll utilize paintbrushes to work with the chalk.  She said she wasn’t feeling like being all stretch over her drawing that day 😉

This was one of my favorites.  This guy also had a pretty pimped out car to drive in.  I would have loved to see the finished product =)

This artist is named Randall Williams.  And he has an amazing talent.  Just look at how smooth he can get a picture, and how much he can replicate such a picture.  It’s pretty amazing to see.

Albert Einstein decided to join us 😉

These were just a few of the artworks seen around the Paseo Colorado where the festival takes place every year in June!  The Make Music Festival was also happening on Saturday where live bands, performers, with craft vendors onboard to admire and look upon.

I hope you can make it out next year.   It’s pretty incredible seeing the beautiful drawings come to life =)

To check out the list of winners, check out this blog here


12 Responses to Pasadena Chalk Festival!

  1. Romina

    Love the proposal and Albert Einstein. We have our own little chalk walk at our city and we usually go every year. It’s so much fun. Maybe we’ll check out Pasadena next year.
    Romina recently posted..Lightspeed® Canopy Review & Giveaway (Sun Safety Series 2012)

    • Jamie

      You’ll have to let me know when your little chalk fest happens. I love seeing the work =)

  2. Ms M

    I am always so emvious of those with artistic talent. Great Post!
    Ms M recently posted..Sunday Giveaway!

  3. leila

    wow! this is gorgeous!! i am now following you!!

  4. Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey

    Jamie, those chalk drawings are amazing….they all look fantastic, but I am a big fan of Albert 🙂
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Banana Blondies with Peanut Butter Frosting

    • Jamie

      Aren’t they incredible? I never knew chalk drawings could look so amazing. It’s a real talent. I’d give anything to have such a talent because well I think it’d kind of be fun hanging out on a 4 x 4 sidewalk just blending chalk together 😉

  5. Kim Wright (Pinkim)

    Hi there! I am here from SITS and I am telling you that I just LOVE all of these chalk pictures…they are incredible!! I have to say that I especially am taken with the engagement one:) I also want to thank you for stopping by my little Pink Blog the other day….

    • Jamie

      Thanks for stopping by Kim =) and it was fun stopping by your site.

  6. Helena

    These are amazing! Who knew that something we used to get yelled at for could turn out so beautiful. 🙂 Love the proposal, what a cool idea! I’m glad she said yes. 🙂
    Helena recently posted..Make a Great First Impression and Boost Your Self-Confidence

  7. Lisa Birnesser

    This looked like so much fun! What amazing talent-all with chalk. Thanks so much for sharing this with us, Jamie!
    Lisa Birnesser recently posted..Are You Waiting for Something Bad to Happen?

  8. Nisha

    Wow, what a great talent those artists have. I wish I had some! 🙂 I especially like the first one. Thanks for sharing!
    Nisha recently posted..Healthy In A Hurry: Veggie Lasagna

  9. Jennifer

    This is SO cool, thanks for sharing. I can’t believe the talent some people have! The proposal was really creative, and the Einstein was my favorite ~ wow!
    Jennifer recently posted..5 Useful Tips for Engaging Your Audience on Social Media

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