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Biannual Blogathon Bash Wrap-Up #blogathon2

Posted by on June 24, 2012

So, I committed to the Blogathon this weekend, and I did get a lot accomplished!  What do you guys think of my new blog design??? =) After talking with my SO (significant other) we both decided it’d be great to have a bit of contrast between my header and the background because there is so much contrast in my name “Minnesota Girl in LA.”  The header is a portion of downtown LA, and the background is Minnesota in the fall, the best of both worlds!

So what else did I accomplish this weekend? 

In total I worked on blogging and social media for a total of about 14 to 15 hours.

Friday night: 5 hours

Saturday: 6 hours

Sunday: 4 hours

One of my favorite things about the Blogathon were the mini-challenges.  I learned a bit.  One of my favorite mini challenges was learning how to create a photo collage:

Other Mini Challenges I completed were:

How to Write a Better Tweet via Callista’s Ramblings

Improving Your Alexa Rank via The Thoughts and Travels of Rachel Cotterill

Do Follow vs No Follow via Life as Leels; and I’m so happy about the wordpress plugin for this =)

How to Make Photo Collages for your Blog via American Mom in England

Using Google Calendar via Letters Inside Out

Picket Fence Benefits via Sweeping the USA (please vote for my blog by clicking the Picket Fence button on the side)

How to Guest Post via Cruncy Frugalista

Boost Your Blog Design with No Budget via Callista’s Ramblings

How to Monetize your Blog in 5 Easy Steps via Sunshine and Sippy Cups

There was a ton of great information out there, and the info should stay up until the next bash happening in January =) I recommend you participate in it the next time around, it’s a ton of fun!

I also wrote 4 Blog Posts, two related to the blogathon bash, a BRAVE review, and a post about Banana Boat’s Natural Reflect Sunscreen =) My final post will be written this evening on my first book review.

So it was an incredibly productive weekend, and I’m very happy with the results.

I had 4 goals on my hefty to do list, and unfortunately those goals are still waiting to be done, but they will be… they just didn’t happen this weekend.

I have to get that Media Kit done, and I also want to start my first meme, soon, keep an eye out for it =)









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