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Why YOU should take the time to observe other photographers!

Posted by on July 29, 2012

I am a huge advocate of going out on a photography shoot with a group of photographers.  Since I began to get serious about my photography I joined a photography group, and we go on a variety of photo walks along the city.

This is actually where I learned some of my techniques, and now I want to share with you why I think it’s a good idea:

1) Different Perspectives

What I love about going out in a group is not only the fact of shooting together, but afterwards, when we share our photos.  We’re all capturing the same things, yet our images come back so differently.  You ask questions on how they did that, or you realize how they see a subject which varies very different from you.

You come back with different perspectives and the confidence to try something different the next time around.

2) Getting your Questions Answered

Another great way by surrounding yourself with other photographers is learning from them.  Whether by the kind of post processing software they use, learning about HDR, or asking those questions you’ve always wanted to know, but didn’t necessarily know how.  Everyone is there to help each other.

3) How they POST Process

Everyone has a way of editing their photos.  Everyone has a different way of doing it.  Some are really good, some over process, and others are very light.  We learn from others by what they do and works well.

4) You develop your style

If you see a photo you really like, ask yourself why, ask yourself what is it that they did really well, and the next time you’re out with your camera, try it out.   You begin to experiment, and you get inspired by trying something new.

5) Bouncing off Ideas

Light Trails: Easy.  One person can hold the glow stick, colored flash light and make the light trails while the other person takes the photos with their camera.  You work as a team.

Posing: You see an object in which you need a person to hold up such an object.  In a group you have that person available instantly.

People think you’re paparazzi: Okay, perhaps, this is something we get asked all the time since we’re in Los Angeles, but the fun part is coming up with a different story every time we’re asked a question.  Or perhaps we will go forward with our idea one day of people hiring us to be the paparazzi around them so they can be the celebrity for the night 😉 Either/or, it works.

6) It’s More Fun

Yes, photography is very much an individual hobby, but going out with a group people brings socialization to it and makes the hobby even more fun.

Have I inspired you to go on a group photo walk?


7 Responses to Why YOU should take the time to observe other photographers!

  1. Kristi

    So true!! I always use your blog to get info on photography and tactics to improve my camera skills 🙂
    Kristi recently posted..Oh, My Poor Ears- Monday Listicles

    • Jamie

      Yay! Kristi, if you ever have a question, please send one my way, I’d love to make a post of answering Q & A’s sometime =) Thanks for stopping by.

  2. Holly

    A photography group sounds like a lot of fun. I have only ever gone out to take pictures, with the sole intention of taking pictures, with a close friend of mine who is as much of an amateur as I am (ie: let’s see how this turns out, fingers crossed!) It would definitely be really interesting to see what kind of process people have when taking their own photos.
    Holly recently posted..“The Lust Garden” by Billy Jolie Book Tour and Giveaway

  3. Alexis Grace

    Great advice! I try to pay close attention to blogs with photos I like and to try and understand what I find successful in their photos.
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Small Statements

  4. Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey

    Yes, you inspired me, but I need to find a group willing to do that. I do love to watch others and learn their tricks & techniques 🙂
    Bibi @ Bibi’s Culinary Journey recently posted..Blueberry Crumble Cake

    • Jamie

      PS: i realize when i wrote this I catered more to learning from photographer’s in a group,b ut you can learn a lot by observing other photographer’s photos online…. figuring out what they did, and then go and try it yourself =)

  5. Lisa D.B. Taylor

    Sounds fun. Its something I’ve never really considered before. Actually…come to think of it I kind think of your blog as my photography group! 😉
    Lisa D.B. Taylor recently posted..The Pink Stuff

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