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BlogHer 2013 Is headed to CHICAGO!

Posted by on August 4, 2012

I officially believe my midwest pride has taken over for me.  From the moment I found out that BlogHer 2013 was headed to Chicago, everything inside me has gone off.  “I have to get there.”  “I will make it happen.”  “This would be a dream come true for me.”

Lo’ and behold, as I was browsing around online to find there is a giveaway happening for all BlogHeratHome individuals in the hopes of getting them to Chicago next year.  You can read all about the giveaway here:

So, this is exactly why I am writing this post.  If I were to win this opportunity, first, I’d probably faint, and second, I’d be making a dream of mine come true, and I’d be one step closer to making it happen.

Why would I want to attend BlogHer’13 the dates of July 25th through 27th?

For one, sitting at home this past weekend, and seeing how much fun everyone was having out in New York made me want to be there.  2, it is the largest blogging conference around, and 3, I feel it’s time to make my presence known to other bloggers, other brands, and to truly begin the next step of my journey as a blogger.

All incredible reasons, I believe.   And well, I have huge midwest pride in me considering I am a Minnesota Girl at heart, so I truly believe BlogHer in Chicago will be a memorable experience for me, always.

Disclosure: This post was written as a sweepstakes opportunity chance.  All views above are my own, and I’m hoping to make a dream come true! If I am the winner I receive a free pass to BlogHer’13 in Chicago. 


7 Responses to BlogHer 2013 Is headed to CHICAGO!

  1. Christina Morley

    Hi Jamie! I hope you win! And I really enjoyed reading your birthday post about your true love. It was tops! I came here first to invite you to my latest blog hop concept. I saw previously that you post a photo on Mondays, so I created a Wordless Wednesday with a theme that would include anyone who has a day that they post a photo who would like to link up. This last Wednesday’s theme was “books” and this upcoming one is “friends.” Every Monday I’ll post my favorite 3.

    After reading your birthday post, I realize that I have something else you might be interested in. I’ve just begun a series on “My Husband is a Martian” in light of our recent 17th anniversary. I meantion our differences in personality types and in the next posts I’ll mention learning styles and culture.

    I also have a Saturday blog hop on the go right now.

    Have a great Sunday!
    Christina Morley recently posted..Wordless Wednesday – 7

    • Jamie

      Christina, I will definitely partake. I’m always sharing photos =) LOL.. and your feature about your Husband is a Martian makes me smile and I will definitely keep an eye out on that. Thanks for stopping in again I do appreciate it. I love your ideas and concepts.

      I haven’t thought about my Monday photography post to share yet so perhaps I will do a post on photographing your friends and intertwine the two =)

  2. Candice

    Found you from Make my saturday sweet Blog hop. I would love to go to a conference but living in Canada is a bit of a hiccup! Hope you have fun.


  3. Gianna

    I’m just back from vacation and thought I would stop by to say hi! And I’m so with you. I want to go to BlogHer ’13 being that it’s only 8 hours away. You have given me the itch to figure out how to make it work. hmmmmmm. I’ll have to think it over.
    Gianna recently posted..Things To Remember on Vacation

    • Jamie

      If I still lived in that golden state, it’d be a lot easier to get there for me… by car 😉 lol

      But the nice thing is we have a year ahead to save for it!

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