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Letting off Some Steam with Pour Your Heart Out! #PYHO

Posted by on August 21, 2012

It’s been awhile since I’ve linked up with Shell over at Things I Can’t Say.  Tonight I’m not even sure what I want to write about, but there have been a few heavy things on my mind.

I usually don’t just pour my heart out on my blog.  For the most part I try to keep things as positive as I can around here whether by giving out photography tips, or talking about an event I went to, or exploring this huge beautiful city of LA, or talking about a new product or book I just reviewed and loved.

But well, I realized the past few weeks that I just missed talking about “me.”  I get like this a lot, as I blog more and more, and become a little bit known, that every now and then I need a few days where I can talk about whatever I want.  And trust me, my mind changes from one thing to the next instantly.

But tonight, as I write this, a lot weighs on my mind.  Yesterday, my SO came home and told me he’s been laid off.  Since I moved out to LA it hasn’t been an easy transition for us.  2 weeks prior to me moving out here, almost 2 years ago, his boss told him he may have to let him go.  By that point, our plans were set in stone, my notice had been given at work, and there was no turning back.  That was what started the rocky roller coaster that we’ve been on for the past 2 years.

I’m staying pretty positive, but it doesn’t mean I don’t have fears and concerns.  What if he can’t find a job?  What will happen then?  Luckily, two months ago I did receive a nice raise at my job, and that will help out tremendously in the months ahead.  It’s going to be an interesting journey ahead, but I know it’s one we can handle.

And lately I’ve noticed I’ve been getting myself into a pretty big funk.  When I first moved out here I explored a lot.  I was checking out the latest museum, a beautiful park after work, or just walking along the beach.  This summer, I haven’t been doing too much of that.  I’ve noticed that I only go out if I technically have “plans” to go somewhere.

My brother was in town this past week, and it was GREAT to see him, and I told him I really don’t go out without plans, and his response was along these lines, “but some of the best things happen unplanned.”  So this has also been on my mind a lot lately.  The fact that I need to go out more, take in that beach that I’m so blessed to live by, or take a book and go read at the park, or explore a new part of town by walking around.  I realize I’ve stopped doing that.

Have you ever noticed you stopped doing the things you use to do so often? Please share with me what some of those things were.

Anyways, I made a preliminary list of topics to start thinking about whether it’s towns I want to go exploring in more, or parks to check out, or different parts of the beach to see, or little bakeries around town (I’m a sweet tooth.)  Of course, I’ll have to be frugal while I do this ;0

Thanks for taking the time to read, it just felt good to let this one out.


17 Responses to Letting off Some Steam with Pour Your Heart Out! #PYHO

  1. ilene

    Hang in there. My hubs and I have gone through several tough job transitions in the past few years. I have gone to a little bit of freelance here and there after ending a 15 year career in corporate and my man is back in school to change careers since the recession killed his industry. It has been tough – but we are getting by. I hope that the next door opens for your SO quickly. Hugs. xo
    ilene recently posted..Light

    • Jamie

      I’m staying optimistic. The last few days we’ve been researching resumes, and he’s putting his together. I’ve also made a few contacts that work in his industry and they’re going to put a word out to see if there’s any jobs open.
      Jamie recently posted..A Day at the Spa: Burke Williams #spon

  2. Wayne

    It is tough when an SO loses a job. It is tough to be positive in that environment but it is necessary to be able to move forward. This might be the perfect time to do something spontaneous – to lift both your spirits. Just go for a walk in the beach, try out that new cafe, explore that national park.
    Wayne recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out!

  3. Romina

    I’m so sorry to hear about your SO, hopefully, something will open up soon for him. I have no doubt you will once again be back to your old adventurous self again. There are a lot of museums with free entrance on certain days and old towns/downtowns walk-abouts are always free.

    Since working on my dissertation, other parts of my life have had to suffer like spending time with the family and my blog. Hopefully, once I finish, I can resume my regular schedule again.

    Hugs from the OC.

    • Jamie

      Thanks for stopping by Romina! I know it’ll find a way of working itself out. We did get through the past 2 years with a few hiccups along the way. =)

      It’s one of those things where you want to help, but feel helpless altogether. But yes, parks and beaches are free (other than the parking in parts of OC and LA)

      Yesterday I stopped by the Korean Friendship bell after work and realized how pretty of a view it is up there. In the future I think I should just bring a book and read for a few hours.

  4. Gianna

    You are still so positive even when a little down.
    Gianna recently posted..Free Weekend Activities August 24-August 26

    • Jamie

      That’s one thing I’ve definitely been blessed with, positively, but I figure it’s all in the mindset. If you’re positive things go a whole lot easier, etc. Not saying I don’t get down, and frustrated, and low from time to time.

  5. Shell

    I hope your SO can find a new job soon!

    I get into a funk, too. Just making myself head out gets me started again on exploring. Going to the beach is one of my favorite things to do.
    Shell recently posted..Pour Your Heart Out: Gone in an Instant

    • Jamie

      That’s what I’ve been trying to do after work. I’ve been taking detours on my way home and just stopping some place new. I figure by doing that it’ll help me get into a groove again. It’s helped!

    • Jamie

      Thanks Michelle! We are fortunate in that at least I have a job, it’ll be tough, but I know we can get through it.

      I appreciate you stopping by. I’ll be visiting your blog in the next few days!

  6. Robbie

    I’ve had a few too many rides on that roller coaster you describe. Here’s hoping things improve soon.
    Robbie recently posted..Simple Request

  7. TheFashionistachic

    I am wondering what is SO? I am sure everything will be ok. What does SO do for a living? Either way i am sure it will all work out. When one door closes the next one opens.
    TheFashionistachic recently posted..How Fashion Influences Brain Chemistry

  8. TheFashionistachic

    Ha ha my daughter figured it out for me Significant Other… he he he.
    TheFashionistachic recently posted..How Fashion Influences Brain Chemistry


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