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A Letter to My Younger Blogger Self:

Posted by on August 27, 2012

Dear Me: (A Letter to My Younger Blogger Self)

When you start out on this adventure of blogging, it may start slow, but you eventually begin to find your groove. In the end, it’s okay if you change things around for a bit, and you don’t necessarily have to give yourself a single niche, this blog was started to talk about all the things you love, remember?

Don’t ever forget why you began to blog either. Remember, it was for your love of writing. And always go back to that. Down the road if you need a break, it’s okay to take a day or two off. Your readers will forgive you, and they’ll be there when you get back into the swing of things.

A few months down the road you’re going to realize how awesome it is to share knowledge of the things you know. And you’re going to find that people are really receptive to your photography tips. Yes, you will be the first to admit that you don’t know everything, but concentrate on the things you do know. There’s a whole wealth of people that enjoy your tips and advice, and look forward to them on Mondays.

In February, one of your articles begins to take off, and you begin to realize the possibilities, and how people are noticing your blog, and are starting to recognize you in person at blogging events. How awesome is that?

Although you’re not a food blogger, months down the road, you’re going to find how fun food can be. You will start to explore the possibilities of food photography, and the possibilities of how fun it can be to create new things and recipes. Some things work out, and you share, others you keep hidden to yourself, but you’re beginning to put yourself out there.

You’re also going to find out how much you truly enjoy promoting other people’s endeavors, and how much you want to see the success of something you believe in. When that happens, there’s no stopping you in getting the word out.

And the most important thing is to stay true to yourself. Only promote items that you would utilize yourself, and only promote movies that you would actually go see on your own accord. You may get pitched movies that you have no interest in so why would you take the time to write about it? Again, it’s about staying true to yourself.

PS: You’ve become a full on wino. Enjoy the ride, and keep exploring wineries. 😉

You may get pitched on a product that you don’t love, or aren’t feeling. When that happens, just send an email back and let them know your thoughts. They will appreciate you for your honesty, and again, you’re staying true to yourself.

In the end, don’t ever lose that “Minnesota Girl.” Minnesota is known for “Minnesota Nice.” Keep that going, and yes, there may be times when things get hard, and life throws you a curve ball, but you will have your blog to look upon, and realize you did something right.

Oh, and yea, this letter is a bit on the mushy side, but it only makes you human 😉

8 Responses to A Letter to My Younger Blogger Self:

  1. Holly (Woman Tribune)

    I love this idea! Writing a letter to your younger blogging self can help with so much, but most importantly, not forgetting who you are and what you stand for. In the blogging world, especially as you begin to get noticed, gain more attention, and see a lot more pitches from PR companies and businesses in your email, it’s really hard not to put your hand in every pot that is handed your way–especially if that pot has some cash in it. It’s such a fantastic idea to write yourself this little reminder that lets you remember what you originally wanted from the space you decided to create and why you created it. Thanks for sharing your journey in blogging, I hope that there is so much more to come.
    Holly (Woman Tribune) recently posted..Book Review: “The Lust Garden” by Billy Jolie

  2. dea win

    VERY COOL! I love the idea of writing a litter to my young blogger self. I like how ou also suggest taking time off. I always feel guilty when I don’t post.
    dea win recently posted..Self Accepting Promise

  3. Alexis Grace

    Awww Jamie, what great advice—- for any blogger at any stage. It is important that we be open for change and more importantly that we don’t lose track of the love…..
    Alexis Grace recently posted..From Navy Pier

  4. Gianna

    Cute! It’s amazing that just a little bit of time passes, and we become so much more aware of the bigger picture.
    Gianna recently posted..Free, $5 or Less, and More than $5 Labor Day Weekend Activities August 31-September 3

    • Jamie

      Yes! I’ve always been big on looking back, observing, and writing down what I learn. It helps to keep things in perspective =)

  5. Amanda

    LOVE this idea for a blog post! This is actually helpful, as I’m just getting into the first few months of my site. I beat myself up sometimes for taking a break, so it’s nice to know I’m not the only one. I agree – it’s helpful to remember the love of writing. My love of writing and humor is why I do this, and if no one ever reads it, then at least it’s a catharsis for me! So what if we take a wine break every now and then? (BTW, I am totally going to browse your site for photo ideas. I SUCK!)

    • Jamie

      Thanks so much for stopping by Amanda! The other day when you started to follow me I was interesting drawn to your blog just by the name. I look forward to exploring on your blog a bit more =)

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