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Fall Photo Shoot Ideas!

Posted by on September 23, 2012


That one favorite season of mine that I miss dearly since moving out to LA.  Although, even here, there are signs of fall around here (a little hard with this 90 degree weather we’ve been having) but I thought I’d share a list with you about fun photo shoot ideas to try out:

1) Raking the Leaves

One of my favorite past times was getting out into the lawn and raking those leaves into piles.  Once the leaves were in piles, there were 2 options: either jump in them, or to bag them up.  One of my favorite kind of bags were the pumpkin looking bags.  Granted, a lot of cities were starting to come out with rules where you could only utilize paper lawn bags so those pumpkin shape bags became harder and harder.

Miss Vivi Gold

So spend a day in the yard raking up those leaves, jumping in them, and capturing every moment along the way.

2) Apple Orchards

In Minnesota, my favorite September activity was heading to the Apple Orchard.  I could either pick out my own apples, or browse along the shop and pick my apples out from there.  And those honeycrisp apples, created at the University of Minnesota, were my all time favorite apples.  The day included apple brats, cinnamon ice cream atop my apple crisp.

Well, I also found out, there are apple orchards outside of LA, and in a week or two I’ll be headed out to Riley’s Apple Farm to experience it for my first time.  These kind of days make for some great pictures.  Your children picking their first apples, trying out the apple crisp, or spending the day at the petting zoo.

Milwaukee Jewish Day School

3) Pumpkin Patch

Spending the day at the pumpkin patch is one of my favorite fall activities.  Whether it’s going around picking out your favorite pumpkin, or back in Minnesota, walking through the giant corn mazes, there was something for everyone.  Even out in LA, there are lots everywhere with pumpkin patches for you to have fun at.  These little sights make for some great fall photo shoots.  A baby standing next to a pumpkin, hugging a scarecrow, or riding their first pony.

4) Fall Baking

After you get home from the apple orchard, let the fall baking begin!  One of my all time favorite things to do.  However, getting down and dirty in the kitchen, and creating those amazing treats and meals needs to be captured.  And not only that, the decorating that can go with creating that meal makes it all the more fun.  Leaf decor, pumpkins, fun baskets, or even indian corn make for some festive decorations.

sewnotcrazy Creative Commons Photo


5) Those Costumes!

And of course, the end of fall marks one of our favorite holidays: Halloween.  And capturing those costumes is one of the best photo shoots you can have.  Just remember, the shoot is dependent on the costume:

Go out, have fun, and happy shooting =)

Disclosure: The top two photos were through the use of Creative Commons Photos. 



20 Responses to Fall Photo Shoot Ideas!

  1. Meredith

    Love these ideas! I just love anything fall! These photos make me happy. 🙂
    Meredith recently posted..A White Dress With Fall Colors

    • Jamie

      Glad you stopped by Meredith =) I’ll definitely be going out and doing a few of these shoots in October 😉

  2. dea win

    I want apple pie and halloween candy after checking out these pics :). GREAT JOB!!!!!!!!!
    dea win recently posted..Pretty Girls Rock Dresses FALL 2012 Edition

  3. Marie-Eve @aprettynest

    Love the polaroid costume !
    Marie-Eve @aprettynest recently posted..Outfit post – Crazy town

    • Jamie

      Thanks Marie! I thought it was so creative how he walked around with the polaroid picture frame last year and captured photos with everyone.. =)

  4. Alexis Grace

    There really is a lot to photograph when you are out and about this season. I am going to start making sure to always have my camera on me!
    Alexis Grace recently posted..Marco De Vincenzo S/S 2013 Collection

  5. Sherie

    Love these ideas, especially the raking of the leaves in a pile and then jumping into them! That is one of my favorite fall activities (next to baking pumpkin pies!!). : D
    Sherie recently posted..Fear of Being Alone Keeping You in a Bad Relationship?

  6. Helena Bowers

    These are great ideas! I love the idea of going out to the apple orchard to take pictures. I might have to put that on my list to do this weekend. 🙂
    Helena Bowers recently posted..Twitter Scheduling Tips for Bloggers

  7. Ronae

    What marvelous photo shoot ideas! I think I’m going to share this post with my mom, who has found her third (or is it her fourth) career as a self-proclaimed paparazzi!
    Ronae recently posted..What is a Capture Page and How Does It Work?

  8. Carolyn Hughes

    Your photos really capture the spirit of fall or (autumn as we say this side of the water!) Living in the country, I love to see the changing of the leaves into those golden colours!
    Carolyn Hughes recently posted..Believing is Receiving.

  9. Martha Giffen

    Pumpkin patch brings back such wonderful memories! That’s was a favorite fall outing when our kids were young. yes, take plenty of photos!
    Martha Giffen recently posted..Top 5 Wildly Successful Social Media Strategies

  10. Norma Doiron@Where Aspiring/Budding Business Owners Start, Grow & Strenghten Their Online Business

    You have great photos here. Love your style! Thanks for sharing that with us…
    Norma Doiron@Where Aspiring/Budding Business Owners Start, Grow & Strenghten Their Online Business recently posted..Top Keys to Fire Up Your Blogging Audience Response, Part 2

  11. Olga Hermans

    so many fun pictures of you, it looks like you are enjoying yourself! Keep it up girl!

  12. Lisa Frederiksen -

    Such a fun post to read – I love fall, too — for many of the same reasons. Thanks for sharing!
    Lisa Frederiksen – recently posted..Prescription Drugs – What’s the Big Deal?

  13. Cathy Taughinbaugh

    Great photos for all. I love all the pumpkins and fall leaves. You’ve captured them well in your pictures. Thanks for the ideas!
    Cathy Taughinbaugh recently posted..What are the Dangers of Medicine Abuse?

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