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Self Reflection:

Posted by on September 27, 2012

Every now and again I find myself taking some time to just think.  I’ve noticed I’ve begun to do this since I went through my divorce.

Yes, I have been married before.  I can relate to the joys of planning a wedding, the fun of the wedding day, and what married life is like, but I can also relate to how a relationship can fall about, and often times, I reflect.

I tell myself that divorce was one of the worse and best things to happen to me in my life because of this.  After my divorce I really went through a full 4 month process of seclusion, and I came home and reflected on where things went wrong, who I was, and what I truly wanted out of life.

What did I end up doing in the next year of my life?  I moved out of my house, I stepped down from my position at work, and I was looking to move out of Minnesota.  It wasn’t until 10 months down the road when fate stepped in, and set me on the path out to LA.

When I finally got here, I fully began to embrace life differently. In the past, I was so career focused that I honestly didn’t focus on anything else in life.  Out here, yes, I have my job, and I do take it seriously, but I have embrace life outside of work too, and began, for the first time in a long time, to pursue my other passions.

I found my love of photography, my love of writing, and my love of exploration.  Since LA was so new to me, the exploring part came pretty easy, that is, once I got comfortable going out on my own 😉 I am a midwest girl, y’know?

But this past week I’ve begun to reflect on what people find interesting in other people.  I began to think back to my school days and how we tried so hard to fit in back then, even if it meant doing things just because the others were doing them even if you didn’t love them.  ARG, why do we do that to ourselves?

And then all of a sudden it just made sense to me:  what is interesting?  Well, just being yourself, when you follow your passions and dreams, others will notice, they will begin to ask questions about what it is you do, and that becomes the glue to a friendship or working collaboration.

It is in putting ourselves out there first.  Some people may not like what we’re doing, may find us weird, or annoying, or intimidating.  However, the people that think we’re brilliant will come forward, and that is the glue. 😉

We spend half our time trying to fit in, and then the other half is just us throwing up our hands and saying, “whatever, this is who I am.”  I much prefer the latter.





3 Responses to Self Reflection:

  1. Gianna

    I love this. What a great reflection.
    It’s so easy to SAY be yourself, but it’s not until you can see what is happening to others that makes being yourself worth it.
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  2. Karla Campos

    I can identify with you, my ex husband and I separated almost 2 years ago and I have never felt so free in my life. When I first went through the separation it felt like everything was falling apart but reflecting back I have never been happier, namaste my friend : )

  3. Ashley

    I can really relate to this while I wasn’t married I was very close to it but it all fell apart in the end. Looking back it was one of the best things that happened to me because of it I found out who I am. It hurts to go thru things like that but in the end the hurt is what will help craft us into who we are meant to be. 🙂
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