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A THANK YOU to my fans!

Posted by on September 30, 2012

Hello Loyal Readers!

Today is my Blogoversary and it has been quite the year.  I can’t believe I’ve had my blog for one year as of today.  It’s been a great journey, and I can’t wait to see where this next year takes me.

I couldn’t have done this without all of you, my loyal readers.  I have a special treat for you, and I hope you enjoy it =)


Special thanks goes out to:

My Catalomb Sisters: I’ve grown very fond of all of you, look forward to your blogs on a daily basis, and look up to you in so many ways.

So Cal Lady Bloggers: Each one of you has brought something to my life and have taught me a lot.  Some of you I have grown closer to than others, and I hope to get to know more of you down the road!

MY L.E.A.D with Feminine Greatness Women: You are all so very inspirational and motivating.  I look up to you in so many ways.

My B.S.B.N: New Sisters of Mine, and love reading the fashion tips you give me.  I really need some style inspiration!

And A Special Thank You goes out to:

Valerie Mitchell: You are a GREAT friend, a great mentor, and you are truly an inspiration.

And my Darling SO for being so supportive in my blogging venture (although you do find it annoying at times, you understand how it has become such an important outlet of mine.  I love you very much!)

25 Responses to A THANK YOU to my fans!

  1. Romina

    Congratulations! You’ve done amazing things this past year and hope to see more of your wonderful writing for many more.

    • Jamie

      Thank you so much Romina! It was an incredibly fun year and it’s been pretty eye opening seeing how far I’ve come in a year.. and well, two years since being out in LA. Hope to see you sometime soon!

  2. valerie

    You are fabulous! Can’t wait to see where all this leads you :)

  3. Trianna

    Keep up the good work, Jamie! I always look forward to hearing from you!

  4. Alexis Grace

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! 1 year is a milestone…. just realized my 2 year passed last month and I completely forgot!

    • TheFashionistachic

      It has been a pleasure visiting your blog, thank you for acknowledging Blogger Supporting Bloggers Network, you are great addition to our little clan.

      • Jamie

        Thank you m’dear and am so grateful you found me! I need to take some time to visit the girls =)

  5. Lisa D.B. Taylor

    Congratulations! My blogging has fallen off of late – too busy in “real life”. {But wait – isn’t blogging real life?? I think so :-)
    Anyway – Congrats and on to year #2!

  6. Bibi @ Bibi's Culinary Journey

    That was so sweet, Jamie! I am so grateful for getting to know you and I can’t wait to meet you in person next week and take our online friendship to the real world. You friendship and support means so much to me and I wish you many successes in your second year.

  7. Martha Giffen

    I enjoy your blog. Congrats on your milestone!

  8. Modern Gypsy

    That was really sweet! Especially loved your video. :) You’ve done great things with your blog – look forward to reading more of your writing and seeing more of your photography!

  9. Sally K Witt

    Congratulations! Good for you.

  10. Sherie

    Happy Blogversary and wishing you many more successful years blogging!

  11. Sharon O'Day

    And what a year it’s been! I’ve loved watching you grow in confidence this year, as you made California more and more a part of who you are at the moment. Congratulations, Jamie! I too look forward to seeing where the next year takes you! (BTW, I’m at a conference not far from you this week … 😉

  12. Carolyn Hughes

    Wishing you a very Happy Blogoversary! Looking forward to many more!

  13. Holly (Woman Tribune)

    Well you are just the cutest thing I have seen all day. (Pay no attention to the fact that it is only around 11:30am. What could top this video anyway?) It’s awesome that you did a little video about your blogoversary–and congratulations on making it in this crazy world for a year! I wish you many, many more fun-filled, exciting years to come!

  14. Suzanne @ The Wine{a}be

    You are so cute! Love it! Congrats to you and your Blogiversary!! Can’t wait to celebrate next week! Cheers! ~S

  15. Lisa Frederiksen -

    Happy Blogiversary and wishing you continued success in the coming year!! I love following your posts!

  16. Susan Preston

    Happy Blogoversary! That is wonderful.

  17. Meryl Beck

    Happy Blogoversary to you! It is fun to find new things to celebrate.

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