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Taking Photos with my Dell Venue 7 Tablet #TabletCrew #Ad

Posted by on June 16, 2014

#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

When I first received my Dell Venue 7, I was curious to know about the camera, and how well it operated. For those that follow this blog, you know I love taking photos, and am always challenging myself to get the best picture possible. The Dell Venue 7 comes with a 3MP Camera which can also be used as a webcam (yay, skype!)

Dell Venue 7 Photography

So, I had to put the Dell Venue 7 to the test.  One of the FIRST things I learned is that the tablet does not like DARK light.  Even dim lights will not show up, however, the Dell Venue Succeeds with photos with a lot of color.

A few examples shown below:

David Walley'sDavid Walley’s Hot Spring Resort

See what I mean?  The vibrancy of the surrounding colors really come through.

One more:

Lake TahoeLake Tahoe

One of the first places I went when trying out the camera was none other than the beautiful Chateau Montelena, a beautiful winery in the Napa Valley area.  The area surrounding it included a lake, and then of course the Chateau making for some picturesque scenes.

ChateauMontelenaChateau Montelena~Calistoga, CA


jadelakeJade Lake

It took a little time getting use to using the tablet as a camera.  The fingers sometimes get in the way, however, I soon learned that you can easily adjust the side of where you hit the camera button so the fingers get less in the way.

The Dell Venue 7 isn’t a big, bulky tablet either, it’s rather small so it’s really easy to adjust to from the phone.  The other nice thing?  Since the tablet is an Android device, it connects straight to your google account, and if you sync your photos to your google plus account you can easily access your photos the next time you log into your computer making it VERY convenient.


One other thing I love about having my tablet around is that it has truly become a lifesaver.  I often carry my phone with me throughout the day, however, the battery dies pretty fast on it.  This past weekend when I was traveling, this was the case, but this time around, I had my tablet on hand, and it became my lifesaver for taking pictures when I, otherwise, would have ran out.  The only thing about having your tablet with you as a spare is to make sure you have the tablet turned off otherwise you may turn to your “lifesaver” and find that, it too, has lost it battery life if turned on throughout the day.  Can you tell I’ve learned this the hard way?

And, I love that because the tablet is an android device, I’m able to access my instagram straight from the tablet sharing my adventures as I go as long as I’m able to connect to wi-fi on the way.

Muir Woods

It has become my new favorite camera while on the go.  Keep an eye out for more pictures being showcased throughout the summer on instagram by following hashtag #TabletCrew.

More posts to follow about the Dell Venue 7 with Intel Software Installed soon.

Interested in purchasing a Dell Venue tablet?  Check the product out on amazon below:

  Dell Venue 7 16 GB Tablet (Android)

A big thanks to my other half for taking the photos of me taking photos with my Dell Venue 7.  He’s the best!

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