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5 Reasons I love my Dell Venue 7!

Posted by on July 16, 2014

#spon: I’m required to disclose a relationship between our site and Intel. This could include the Intel Corporation providing us w/content, product, access or other forms of payment.

When I first received my Dell Venue 7, I was beyond ecstatic.  This would be my first tablet, other than my kindle.  I’ve been curious about Intel Tablets , but was completely overwhelmed with all the varieties out there and what to buy.


I was also hesitant because I just wasn’t sure how much I’d use it.  Well, a month in and guess what?  The tablet is slowly but surely replacing my smart phone.

The first place I go for photos?  Yep, the tablet.

The first place I go to read?  Yep, the tablet.

The first place I go to watch videos? Yep, the tablet.  

It has taken over my life, but in such a convenient way.  Now here’s my reasons as to why I love the Dell Venue 7.

Taking Photos

I covered this more thoroughly in a previous post, but one thing I’ve noticed is how the tablet truly captures all the colors in an image creating for some really spectacular photos:


Watching Videos:

I use to try to watch videos on my kindle, but I got so frustrated with the streaming that I gave up so I didn’t have good thoughts going in about videos on the tablet.

Boy, was I ever proven wrong.  The Intel inside the Dell Venue 7 has made a huge impact in the video streaming, and the quality of the videos is spot on.  So, yes, watching a movie in bed before bed is ohsoconvenient!

Fits Easily in the Purse

The tablet easily fits in my purse making it easy for on the go.  Whether I’m in the waiting room of a hair salon or hanging out at the beach, I can pull the tablet out and it’s right there.

Wi-Fi Abilities:

Easily connect to the area’s wi-fi and instant internet access.  What I’d recommend would be to purchase a hotspot so you’d have access all the time for when you need it most.

Instantly Connects to Google Apps:

When I first connected to my tablet it asked right away for my Google Account.  I plugged the information in and it instantly began to download apps I had on my android phone.

Some of my favorite apps instantly added: Instagram, Facebook, WordPress, Pinterest and many more.

It saved me the time from having to look them all up.

As I continue to explore with the tablet I’ll keep you informed.  If you have any questions about the device please ask below.

In the meantime, enjoy some of these Tablet Inspired Adventures so far this summer:


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