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Fall Recipe: Caramelized Pears

Posted by on September 17, 2014

Over the weekend I trekked up to Apple Hill, which is a good 2 hour drive from Sonoma County, but once I arrived, it was worth it.  Being surrounded by wonderful fruit growers and apple orchards, I got a good start to my fall just a hour East of Sacramento.

During my visit I stopped into Boa Vista Orchards and picked up a basket of pears for just 3.99.  I had no idea what I’d create with them at the time, but I knew I wanted them.  Today, when I got home, I realized how fast they were ripening so I looked through my cupboard and soon came up with this fun recipe: Caramelized Pears


Ingredients Needed:

3 to 4 Pears

Cinnamon Sugar Spice

Cream Cheese/Goat Cheese/Brie, Ricotta (you choose your cheese!)

Caramel Sauce

Refrigerated Pie Crust



Cut pears in half and carve out a small hole in the center.  Place on cookie sheet and cover the outside of the pears with refrigerated pie crust.  Cook in oven for 10 to 12 minutes.  The pie crust will softly cover the pears and moistly wrap around the pears.

Out of the oven, turn the pears over and place your chosen cheese (I did Cream Cheese) into your carved holes.  Sprinkle with Cinnamon Sugar and your Caramel Sauce.

For the Caramel Sauce, I picked up a bottle of Apple Cinnamon Sauce from Grandpa’s Cellars upon Apple Hill.  Seriously, an amazing sauce that went well with the caramelized pears. You can order from them directly.



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