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The 2014 Wine Lovers Gift Guide

Posted by on December 13, 2014

Every year I curate a Wine Lovers Gift Guide from fun finds I’ve found out through the year, through companies that may have approached me.  Every thing on this list are items I’d love to receive myself, or I have in my home that are often used.   I take pride in this Wine Gift Guide every year.   This post may include affiliate links that go towards keeping the site running.

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The 2014 Wine Gift Inspired Gifts:

1) Wine of the Month Club


I truly love a Gift that keeps on giving throughout the year, and this is why Wine of the Month Club is such a GREAT option.  They have a variety of options to choose from including the California Classics for just 26.95 a month!  Yes! Just 26.95 a month.  Truly making it an affordable gift option.  They also have Wine Gift Baskets Available and a variety of accessories.

2) Cheese and Wine Unlimited (No Time…No Gift Ideas…Turn to Cheese and Wine Unlimited)

Beautiful, Custom Designed Gift Baskets are available from this wonderful website and retailer.  Just see some of the beauty below: All baskets are custom curated with the best cheese, chocolate, wine and more.  TRUST me, I would love this as a gift.

Some examples below:


The Champagne Celebration, Chocolate and Champagne, and The Kosher Wine Gift Baskets!

3) Wine Wipes – 1 compact of 15 wipes

Wine Wipes

When we drink wine we often notice that the Red Wine may just happen to stain our teeth as we’re drinking.  During our outings this is where Wine Wipes come to save us.  Just wipe off your stains with one swipe, and you can go back to having a good time again.  The best part is that they fit in a small compact that easily fits into your purse.

4) Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator

Everyone needs an aerator.  It makes such a difference in our red wines, and helping to air them out.   So, lo and behold, The Vinturi Essential Wine Aerator.

5) Hello Kitty Wines

Okay, as a Wine Lover, and a female, I am drawn to cute wine names.  And when I first tried the Hello Kitty Wines I absolutely loved them.  Fun for anyone that LOVES Hello Kitty.  With varietals of Sweet Rose, Rose Spumante, Spumante and more.  Also fun for a Holiday Party or New Year’s Eve Celebration.
Hello Kitty Sweet Wine

6) NewAir AW-281E 28 Bottle Thermoelectric Wine Cooler (Another great Wine Cooler option!)

I’m going to be honest.  Ever since I received my Avalon Bay Wine Cooler (I did receive for review purposes!)  I have been ecstatic I’ve had my own place to store my wine.  The fact that its staying out of my fridge saves me plenty of room along with keeping my wine cold.  And when I want to take a bottle out, it’s all ready for me.



A great gift option especially if they’re struggling with where to put all of their wine or their fridge is covered with wine.

7) The World’s Biggest Wine Glass (Big Mouth Toys Ultimate Wine Bottle Glass)


This Wine Glass Bottle holds up to 3 bottles of wine so you know, on your really bad days this is exactly what you need or during the holidays.

8) Wine Jewelry

There are so many beautiful wine jewelries out there.  From a simple wine glass to grapes to wine bottle earrings.  Such a fun gift for any wine lover.

Whether it’s a necklace, bracelet, earrings, or perhaps starting their first wine charm bracelet there’s so many ideas out there.

I personally love this Wine Charm out there: Bling Jewelry 925 Sterling Silver Simulated Garnet CZ Wine Cup Heart Charm Bead Fits Pandora

A fun little gift list for the wine lovers in your life.   Of course, most will say, “Just buy me a bottle of wine.”


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